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  1. We are having this exact issue. Followed all the steps, but filling out the form and clicking submit just reloads the contact form.
  2. Great addition, thanks for creating it Vanser! Is there a way to have the dates in the "Previous Month's Statistics" sort Descending. Meaning, the most current month is at the top?
  3. Does anyone have this combination working with their phpVMS system? It's broken for us. It works with Xplane 10.21 though... I see absolutely ZERO way of contacting the Xacars author as well.
  4. Oh no need to do more work on it. I'm plugging away at it as well. If I can get it to work, I'll share the code with you - - unless you beat me to it. ;-)
  5. The only thing I would like to add in would be the ability to have links for the previous and next month as well as highlight the current day table cell. But I sure do appreciate your willingness to share this with us Strider.
  6. OH OH OH!!! I've been looking for something like this... I think I love you man! ;-) Any chance to create navigation buttons to change the month? ;-) Thanks for sharing though! Awesome!
  7. Great script - works as published. I'd like to have it only register a user upon the acceptance of their registration though, not as soon as they register. I'm digging through the site files to figure out how to do this, but if there's a quick answer that someone would like to share, I'm all ears. ;-)
  8. I'm feeling pretty stupid right now as this type of web site programming is way different than what I'm used to, however, if I just want to list the next 5 upcoming events on my home page, how would I do that? I don't want to edit the events_index.tpl page and include it with the maincontroller function as that page needs to be different than the list of events on my home page. I just want to list the event title and date with a link tot he event details page on the home page. How would I go about that?
  9. There doesn't seem to be anyone at the wheel here ARV187. Dead links to nearly all skin "releases" and people asking for working links with no replies. It's too bad, seems like a decent CMS system, but not much support.
  10. Was this ever answered? I can't login with Pilot ID either on a new install. It specifically asks for "Email" not "Pilot ID?"
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