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Aircraft and Registration Numbers


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With this latest version comes the ability to add a registration number to your aircraft fleet. This is used in multiple places now, to reference that aircraft. The ability will come soon to be able to "retire" an aircraft, as well as statistics on an individual aircraft.

If your VA doesn't use registration numbers assign a dummy number to your aircraft. For example, if you have only one B777 you want to use on ALL flights, give it a registration number. I do not cross check registrations and schedules and availability for this reason.

FSACARS also uses the registration number of an aircraft to properly log the flight and the aircraft used.

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Hi, I'm looking for a software which could help a VSOG (Virtual Special Operations Group) to manage fleet, and pilots in a similar way FSAirlines does, allowing to have and track individual aircrafts with particular register numbers, located in a particular place each time, as well as maintainance, risk of having any kind of failure due to bad maintainance or due to, for example going beyond the aircraft limitations. A way to enhance and provide realism to a virtual Airforce Base, based on its real counterpart

FSAirlines matches almost all features that I'm looking for, but

1) It's commercial-aviation oriented, and its main goal is to obtain benefits based on transporting people and cargo. Military flights are very expensive, and there's no way to make the VA to earn any kind of benefits.

2) There could be a turnarround for point 1) If I enable inside de "FS-Airlines VSOG" a transport unit, which main goal is to finance the military section, the Virtual Military Base could survive. But, as far as I know, FSAIrlines does not allow any kind of military aircraft inside its network

I discovered recently PHPVMS, which can read ACARS from FSACARS or FsPassenger among other

I wonder if I could accomplish my goals using PHPVMS

With fleet/pilots management I mean:

For example I have 5 F5 fighters with registration numbers AE00001, AE00002, AE00002, AE00003, AE00004 and AE00005

And 3 pilots: Pilot1, Pilot2, Pilot3

In Airbase1 there are, for example AE00001 and AE00002 both with 98% and 99% "health"

Pilot1 is in Airbase1, and take AE00001, and fly to Airbase2. Then Pilot1 and AE00001 will be transfered (due to the fly) to Airbase2, and AE00001 won't be available any more in Airbase1

And the same for AE0000[2-5].

So, each aircraft is "individual" and unique, and is located in a particular place each time.

This feature could allow to plan missions based on aircrafts and pilots locations, ranks, etc, etc

I could accomplish this task using FSAirlnes, but as far a I know the do not allow military aircrafts

(Of course the other features of these Acars software are important as well: flight logs, flightr parameters recording, pilot earns, etc.)

Any cue will be welcome

Regards abd thanks in advance

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Hi, I am part of Go Air and we're just in the process of setting up on phpvms. I have been working on transferring our routes over from fsairlines and have hit a problem. I've had a look on the forums here but can't find anything answering my specific issue.

I have created a csv with all of our routes in and I want to make it so that every aircraft we have is available on all routes but I don't know if I can enter multiple aircraft registrations to each route or if I have to create an individual route for every individual aircraft registration?

Can someone please help. I'm hoping it's not the latter as that means a bucket load of work! :-(

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Well, what we did for our, was have one registration for the route and then added the other aircraft types allowed for the flight in the Notes section. Otherwise yes, you would have to have separate flight numbers for EVERY aiorcraft, for the same route :(

So, for instance, we have the DC10-10 and DC10-30, which are available for the same routes. Now to have it come up in the schedule for both, we would have to have identicle flights for the different registrations; which means you woukd havew to have different flight numbers as well....which would lead to a TON of flights you don't really want.

So like I said, for the DC10-10 and DC10-30, we selected ONE registration form the DC10-30 fleet, to put in the schedule. Then in Notes: we added "DC10-10" to indicate that you can ALSO use that aircraft for that route.

And when you select the schedule bid search, it just lists the aircraft type as "DC10" and then when your results come up, it then shows "Notes: DC10-10". We also have a little disclaimer at the top of the search results page:

*** Notes: Shown in red indicate additional aircraft types that can be flown for that flight ***

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