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Property Module Development


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During all these years, I have noticed that va administrators are keen on finding a way to allow their pilots to use their virtual money. I have already released a Piloy Shop module but in reality, purchasing things in Pilot Shop does not give you extra capabilities except the downloadable items. There were a lot of virtual airline who had come back to me and a wide number of custom solutions has been offered. Solutions which can't be released to the public because most of them require special knowledge and several updates inside the core of the phpVMS system.

Approximately one year ago, a virtual airline got in touch with me and requested the development of a property system. A system which will allow the va pilots to purchase airports, aircraft and other property types. Pilots will purchase properties and they will make money from them based on their usage inside the virtual airline. I developed a system based on their needs and I started thinking that this is something most of the virtual airline owners will like to have. And this is it, I finally managed to clean up its code from several custom things the VA requested and I believe that this is something some of you would like to have.

I am not proceeding with the release for now. The module is initially shared with the PHP-Mods va partners but I would really love to hear your thoughts about it. I have written a manual which includes several information about the module. It can be found here.

Also, I have uploaded a demo phpVMS website from where you can login as an administrator or as a user to check the module.


URL: http://php-mods.eu/demo/property/
Username: DEV0001
Password: 741852963
Pilot ID: DEV0002
Password: testing

You can do whatever you want in the demo system and let me know in case you have any question or in case you spot any issue. I would be really glad to hear a feedback from the community.

Thank you! :)

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