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FSEconomy Integration


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I remember that it has been requested in the past too. Unfortunately, there is not any way (as far as I know) to get the FSEconomy data because they are not offering any API to communicate with their database.

Could you please explain to us which part of the FSEconomy would you like to have in your virtual airline?

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Thanks for the reply, it would be great to be able to integrate the passenger/financial aspect along with the maintenance aspects of FSeconomy. 

Financial aspects:
-Ground crew, different airports have different financial impacts to an airline. 
-Rental/Lease costs, gate rentals, terminals.

-airports have different amount of cargo and passenger needs. One load factor across all of the flights is simply unrealistic.

Even if somehow phpVMS allowed for the manual input of many factors on a flight, however I suspect that would require a lot of rewriting of the core program. 

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