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  1. I can report that it takes approximately two hours for the forum to send on the email activation, and another few hours for the confirmation process to happen once you click the link. Best,
  2. I have an existing install of SimPilots v5.5.2 and flight time is calculating in an interesting way. On the admin panel's homepage the time flown is reported as 00:00:01.460000, I have checked database entries and both flighttime and flighttime_stamp are recording 00.46, 01.00 and 00:46:00, 01:00:00 respectively. Another weird oddity is that pilot pay is only being calculated by the hour. 01:46 is calculated with a total of $20, yet the pilot is being paid an hourly rate of $20. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks,
  3. Install went really well. Few notes: -Cannot specify whether or not a customer pirep field is required or not -Bid options are not selectable -Cannot select airports as a hub, lookup working Really like the new installer.
  4. Code snippets for example, once people start using v7 I foresee a lot confusion between the two systems.
  5. I have noticed that v7 stuff is starting to pop up in the classic portions of the forums, are there plans to create v7 specific categories?
  6. Shared hosting worked like a charm for me with the new installer, went through a few things and found the following: -Cannot edit airline, getting "the code field is required" error, same error when trying to add a new airline. -Cannot accept/reject pireps -Airport lookup does not seem to work -Fleet page is showing errors.
  7. Did you delete the user set up by the installer? What do the logs say?
  8. t_bergman

    kACARSII Feedback

    From initial testing, X-Plane tracking seems to be improved over v1. I don't know if there was a code update or if its a placebo effect.
  9. Could also be a permissions issue if the files cannot be modified.
  10. SimPilot's can also be used on php v7 (https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x) please be advised that it is not officially supported and I would turn error reporting to full while you debug it. I've had it working, I did more of a trial and error approach to changing all of the depreciated code over to v7 compliant.
  11. phpVMS v4 will feature subfleet type of aircraft system. As long as a route is assigned to a subfleet, any aircraft within that type will be able to fly the route.
  12. You'll want to use the getPilotAvatar in the PilotData class, try using the code below: <img height="50px" width="50px" style="" alt="Pilots Avatar" src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilotid);?>" />
  13. Florian, I've got v4 working in its current state on shared hosting. Please be aware that v4 is still being developed and thus changes are likely, Nabeel (phpVMS's developer) has control over this and I know is working hard to make it easy for everyone to use. I do plan on releasing a short tutorial to get phpVMS v4 installed onto shared hosting however a requirement will be SSH access using a terminal such as PuTTY. Many shared hosting providers do provide SSH access (mine for example as a $2.50 one time fee).
  14. I would get into contact with Jeff, I don't know of any widely reported issue like this with kACARS. Especially since you are using the custom version.
  15. t_bergman


    As servetas said above, paid hosting. Nabeel offers hosting of his own via Fivedev (http://fivedev.net/hosting), probably one of the best ways to support the project. There are a select few reputable hosts who actually do offer free shared hosting however you'll be using things like websitepanel instead of cPanel.
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