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teamspeak3 or discord


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Hi All, 

I was looking for a chat platform for our virtual airline. 

Id like to use teamspeak3 as the privacy policy isn't that great for Discord but as my service provider only provides dynamic IP address i'm a little stuck with my choice. 

Has anyone had the same issue as me and been able to get around it? 

any help  welcome

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We've been using TS3 for a number of years. The laptop the TS3 server runs on has a dynamic IP. We set up a dynamic DNS at no-ip.com and run their free DUC program to keep the dynamic IP synced to the static URL at no-ip.com. It's worked great for 3+ years. Only downside is having to confirm continued use every 30 days - but that only takes a few minutes time to do.

Pilots connect using the same URL. IP address can change as often as it wants - the DUC program keeps the two synced. We can even hafe someone else at a different location host the TS3 server. All that needs to be done in that case is to manually change the IP address at no-ip.com.

I believe there are other sites that provide the same or similar services - some are free and others have minimal cost.

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