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phpVMS add Airport question

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Hi All, 

I'm just learning the system still, please could someone let me know how I format on the CSV file the lon and lat for each airport, I have done for EGLL 512839 for lon and 0002741 for lat?

should I show the ( . ) in between and the N,E,S,W as shown on site wikipedia? 

Coordinates 51°28′39″N 000°27′41″W

The distance between EGLL and EGJB  ( Coordinates49°26′05″N 002°36′07″W )  is appx 152nm but its showing 2882? Would this be in nm also or measured in a different way? 

Thanks for support :blink:


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If you want to add all airports on the world in one file, just add file attached below to in your mysql data base via phpmyadmin. Open your database then go to phpvms_airports and uplod the file.

Credites to the file goes to someone on forum, I cant remember the name, sorry ;)


Best regards,




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