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Google are about to need a credit card for all use of there API's they are going to still give you $200 free look ups.

It there any other mapping service that can be used with PHPvms Classic that is FREE and will not need a credit card????


Oz Flyer.

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Thanks for the reply and your time on Discord.

My PHP is well break it, then break it again and again until it works again so any help with what needs to be changed in which file and where the file are located would be very much appreciated.

With thanks


Oz flyer.

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Seriously Google ??? Wow, think I'll go back to Opera and close Google account out completely, enough is enough, holy...........good idea on the Great Circle Map, forgot about that one, think I'll work on trying to convert as mentioned above, MapQuest. Always did like their maps anyway. I also got an email from google, wow..........unreal, see ya in duh air, I'll let ya know how I make out with the conversion for mapquest Nabeel, 

thanks Jim

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