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I don't know if this question has been answered or not, as I could not find a solid answer, but I am running my PHPvms 5.5x on a subdomain, e.g. fly.domain.com, and I want to display a flight map, or just a simple number of pilots, flights, and miles flown, on the non sub-domain (Main Site).


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Poke me, I can Help you for sure, on my home page I went to extremes with whats called an accordian fold out for my flight maps, check it out if you'd like. 

Also most people use the frontpage_main.php file for showing flight maps, however there really is no need to do this, it will all fit in the layout.php file for sure. The choice of course is yours. I am a Web Master, and would be more then happy to help. You will find also even as a guest, many contact forms on the menu systems, feel free to use them of course. Let me know.

The link to my site:  http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter

Jim Owner of Seairtransport & Heritage VA

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