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Where is are the login messages located?  Specifically if a pilot is in active the get the following message on their screen "Your account was marked inactive".  Where is this message in the code so it can be changed?

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Not sure where it is in the code.....

Inactive is the same as retired.

On an individual basis the pilot can be returned to active status by going to Admin panel, Pilots & Groups, View all Pilots. Then edit that specific pilot and change their status from inactive.

If you don't want all pilots to auto-retire after a certain number of days being inactive - in local.config.php, change PILOT_AITO_RETIRE to false. Another option would be to change the PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME to a higher number of days.

# After how long to mark a pilot inactive, in days
Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_RETIRE', true);
Config::Set('PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME', 90);


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11 hours ago, DesComm said:

Very specific question - where in the code is this message is located "Your account was marked inactive".   We need to change this message.

The text is located in the core folder. Open the app.config.php file


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