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5.5.2: Xacars on HTTPS sites

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All, I was hoping someone can help me out with Xacars  for X-Plane users on 5.5.2 served on HTTPS sites. The software is pretty old and doesn't like HTTPS websites and pops an error on my site when trying to connect. However I have a couple users on Mac's that have this as their only option, so this is becoming a vital fix. Doing some research I believe there is a way to redirect HTTPS request for the xacars scripts to regular port 80 using .htaccess script, but I have been thus far unsuccessful. 

So the question is has anyone had any success with Xacars for XP11 clients on your HTTPS only website? And if so, would you mind sharing the installation steps that deviate from the old standard instructions?

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Have they all updated their xacars.ini file? Have them re-download from your site.

If that doesn't fix it, check all files in the Xacars module and change any references there from http to https.

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