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Executive Flights Wont Show

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I am having issues with Crazy Creatives Executive MOD. I have posted on his site too. Hoping someone here had the same issue and can help me out.

I have recently installed the Executive MOD. Have everything working, with the exception of the flights that I have added . It will not show in admin or on the exec page. I do get the flight added successfully message. It will show in the main schedules page. I have imported the sql. I have installed this a few times, and deleting everything, with the same results. Any ideas what’s going on?

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I dont know the module from the inside, but maybe a cronjob you need to add?

other then that i have no idea.

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Hey flyalaska, 

Had the same issue also, several times. There is an issue on the older version of this module, until the recent patch, and then the final fix of course. However, I still had issues with it, but managed to get it working on all 3 of my sites. This can be fixed, and when done, you will love this module. Poke me on my site or private message here, would be glad to help you. And NO you do NOT need a cron job for this, in fact doing so will render the Module useless.


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missed something

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