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Hey everyone

So, since it seems that crazy creatives is not answering, I thought maybe someone here will have an idea. I got the flight tracker thingy from crazy creatives and installed it, however the map insn't showing up and a "snail trail" on a live map also isn't showing up. I was wondering do I need to convert google maps to OSM or did I just not install something correctly? 

Thank you.

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Does this post help at all? https://forum.crazycreatives.com/topic/384-openstreetmap-version-for-flight-position-tracker-tour-center-and-airport-info-extended-released

I don't know what's going on over there to be honest. He hasn't logged in for 3 months and no word from him anywhere else. Some other guy has taken over but doesn't really know how to answer half the questions nor know what he's actually doing. The place is getting overrun with spam. I pinged the other guy through the stickied post about spam (and how he is going to be around a lot more often to deal with it - ha!) and he ended up giving me a forum warning along with some half gibberish answer. Sad to see that place in that state.

It would be nice to open up a support area for their customers here. At least this place is more active and maintained.


Hope you get your issue sorted. I'm on holiday for the next two weeks but if you're no further forward, I can help when I'm back home. I helped Nabeel with the changeover to OSM.


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On 9/30/2019 at 10:33 PM, omglookeyhere said:

LAST UPDATE (I promise): I have finally fixed it and SOLVED it. Come to find out I forgot I removed the code from ACARS.php. Hahahah so now I am at peace. @shakamonkey88 thank you for your willingness to assist. Appreciate it. 



What code did you remove from ACARS.php? And I hate to sound like a big dummy, but i have to. I get what you mean when you say 


UPDATE: I have figured out the map display issue. Solution: Uncommented Google map script and commented out (what I presume is) OpenLeaf map. 

Still have an issue of a flight path not showing.  I'll keep digging in the code. 

But what's commenting and uncommenting? is that these brackets?


or these?


or you mean the slashes?(a google search let me know it was the slashes (lol i dont know the language of coding, but i know what each of those things do)



Edited by Curshad
Some how I solved my issue. may have placed a code on the incorrect line.
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