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G'day all,

I have a small question about pilot ranks in phpvms Specifically, is it possible to designate special "management" ranks to staff member accounts without having to be tied to a flight hours count? Our temporary solution is to just give staff accounts an unrealistically high number of hours that regular pilots won't hit, but this is not idea. http://ops.singaporevirtualairlines.org/index.php/rank

Am comfortable with editing tables in phpmyadmin and phpfiles via ftp. Any advice is appreciated.

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Our solution was similar to yours. Staff members have 2 accounts - staff and pilot. The staff account is set for 40,000 hours and has a specific staff rank image tied to it. When a staff members flys, they use their pilot account to log into our ACARS.

We reserved a block of pilot numbers just for staff. You can reassign the same number to a new staff member if the present one retires.

Not a perfect solution, but it works.

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You can assign staff positions in the admin panel without hours and flights stats. This is easily done by assigning a New Role, go to Pilots & Groups, then click on Pilot Groups, up in the very top hand left corner you will see "Add Group". Assign the Role you wish to have. After doing so, you can then go back and assign that role/s to the said Pilots. This has NO baring on any Flight Hours or Flights.

On another note, also vStaff is outstanding for this to, runs on its own, and each role can be setup as you wish, below is a link on my site for you to view with vStaff if you'd like.



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