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Admin V1


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Introducing my admin skin V1 

For more information please feel free to contact me.


https://prnt.sc/r6oswl Dashboard 

https://prnt.sc/r6ot8r Menu section with quick menu


Note: Package cost includes a personal license to any base template required for your custom package. Client will be provided with the license terms prior to files being transferred. License will be included in final package. 

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3 hours ago, ncd200 said:

it raises more questions here.

First of all, it looks amazing but what will be the difference between the free and paind version.


Anyway, a very nice job!

Thank you, 


The difference between paid and free. 


Free will come with a basic styling similar to the default style of phpvms however obviously it will have the menu and speed icons as shown in the images.


The paid version:

Will include custom styling for tables, and user input, it will include the opinion to be pre prepared to match your virtual airlines colouring, customer logos (logo not included the basic version) 


Multiple menu options, including side navigation, horizontal navigation.


Multiple speed bar lays outs include, 4, 6, 8, 10 options available.


Also I may add the paid version will only come for a small fee. Nothing ridiculous. 


Pricing will be around £10 for the paid version. This is to cover the personalization, and extra options.


I hope this answers your questions.


The free version will be available shortly in the form a live demo, followed shortly by the paid version 

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