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Airports Gone


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Hi Guys 


Ive Just tried as a expiment to add the airports from phpvms5.5 to phpvms 7 via CSV and when I did  the ones on phpvms7 have disappeared


just saying as it will be a real pain in th back side to re add all the airports and schedules again on the final release lol 


also just wondering on how can I move the live map to Europe as we are currently based in the UK and most of our ops are around Europe :)





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The airports table format is different phpVMS v7 than prior versions. If you imported a 5.5.2 airports table directly into 7, it won't work correctly. That's why there is a converter built into v7. But you need a fresh version of 7 uploaded to your server to run the converter/importer. Upload the newest build of v7 and during install you will see the option in the upper right to import the older data into v7. Be patient, it will take some time if you are importing a large database.

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If its a dev site, I would suggest making a copy of your 5.5.2 database and then run the converter on that backup using a new copy of phpVMS 7. This will convert and import your current data. This will help you understand what is and is not imported - and what you will need to do to get v7 functional with your current data.

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