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CSV Flights


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Hello everyone


My CSV Fleet file doesn't download and I do not know why, as the other ones works great. Initially I was thinking about the size of it, right now has almost 7k lines.


When I press Export to CSV the sytem start working but soon after I've got a completely white browser page, only visible the url like this https://www.mysite/admin/flights/export


Any tip on how can I solve this or an alternative to do it because for a 13k flights introducing one by one its a huge task, I'm using for CSV files a free program called CSV Buddy.


Appreciate any suggestion or solution


Thank You

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Downloading via phpmyadmin works but the problem is that when uploading via phpvms as should be is not recognized.


I tried both CSV versions CSV normal and for excel I dont see any difference between both.


Introducing such a quantity of flights 1x1 is not a good idea :)



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Maybe the program you are using to edit the CSV is part of the issue. I have experienced issues with Excel 2003. Now I use Open Office and haven't had any issues. Be sure you are saving as a comma-delimited CSV and no special formatting that may leave unneeded characters in the file.

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When you export from Database, you should import from database too ...


Exporting from A and then trying to import it from B does not work, cause the data format is different.


Just a simple example for flights:


Export/Import from admin : Airlines are exported/imported with their icao codes

Export/Import from database : Airlines are exported/imported with their id numbers


Export/Import from admin : Flight days are human understandable like 12345

Export/Import from database : They are masked values


Export/Import from admin : You can import/export subfleets and fares of flights

Export/Import from database : None of the above would be possible (unless you are really good at sql querries and excel etc)


You can export from database, then work on the file to make it compatible for admin side import, this will take time and needs upmost attention to detail.

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