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Possible MySQL problems


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Hi, my site is throwing up a number of errors in the pirep/pilot ranks, etc...they are all foreach() errors. I am running phpvms 5.5.2, and MySQL 8.0.29. A friend of mine runs 5.5.2, but his MySQL is 5.7.33 and he has no problems at all. I have contacted my host server company, and they say they cannot put the MySQL back to 5.7.33.

Does anyone have any ideas as how to fix this problem. They pointed me towards their VPS service, but the price was out of my league.

Thanks in advance, and hoping

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PHP version?


phpVMS 5.5.2 will work on PHP 5.4 thru 5.6. It will throw errors with PHP 7.0 thru7.4

phpVMS will work on PHP 7.0 thru 7.2. It will throw errors with PHP 7.3 and above.


Any version of phpVMS 5.x will have issues with MySQL above 5.7.4 and MariaDB above 10.1

Mostly this has to do with Strict Mode and/or no default values in the database.


MySQL 8.x will not allow phpVMS 5.x to function properly.


Consider upgrading to phpVMS v7. It has a steep learni g curve, but is much more robust and is in active continued development.

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