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phpvms - Add Schedules Issue


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After several attempts I opted for this version as it is more than enough for my project. After a few tests everything seems to work (e.g. pilot rank, add fleet, add airports), but when I add a route in the "flight schedules and routes" section by clicking on "add schedule" and entering all the information, I receive a confirmation message that the route has been added, but instead is not stored in the database. in fact, the adjacent table remains empty. thanks for the support.

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I am using php 7.2 but I can choose between (5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0).
I had great difficulty installing phpvms 7 mainly because I don't have great knowledge on the subject, so I chose version 5 for ease of installation. My idea is to create a virtual airline for pilots who play on xbox so only the function is needed of sending manual pireps.

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With phpVMS, you will not only continue to have issues with MariaDB 10.3, but will also have issues with most any module you add as they aren't tweaked for PHP versions above 5.6. If you attempt to use the default crystal skin and no addon modules, chances are you won't attract many users either - as the default phpVMS v5.x is quite plain.


Many shared hosts will not disable Strict Mode for "security reasons" as the server is shared by other websites in addition to yours.


It would still be best to use phpVMS v7 - your installation issues can be easily overcome.

Re-read the docs, use the latest v7 dev build (available in the releases channel on discord), use PHP 8.0 and be patient with yourself. Use the v7 guides found here to help set up specific areas of the site.  

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15 minutes ago, kekko89sr said:

I already tried repeatedly but had no results. I will try again tomorrow hoping to succeed. Can I kindly ask you for the direct link of the version to use? thank you.




Use the DEVELOPMENT BRANCH link, it will always give you the LATEST DEV build ;)

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