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Live Flight Board - Help required


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Good day


Our Live flight board is not working since we started our VA. Neither the map or the current flights in the tab below works. I have read a few posts on the forum and tried many inputs but I am still lost on what to do.

I have installed a theme onto the VA in the hopes that the crystal theme is faulty but it seems that it did not work.


Our live map on the main page seems to work and flight log book page with map of pilots own flights work as well. 


Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.



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If an addon module doesn't work with the default Crystal skin, it won't work with other skins either.


Is this module payware or freeware?

Post a link to the module.


phpVMS version?

PHP version?

MySQL/MariaDB version?


Be aware, the skin shown in your post is old and unsupported. The developer hasn't been around in several years.


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I understand the module was preloaded to the phpVMS by TFDI. So I have no access to the module that was installed.


phpVMS is version 5


PHP version, not sure how to check




We using smartCARS by TFDI and that apparently works only with phpVMS v5 and look what I know about this stuff is dangerous, so not even sure why or how to upgrade. Learning on the fly.


I could not find good phpVMS v5 skins. Do you have any suggestions on skins, if we need to pay we will also look at those options.

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There is no phpVMS 5 - only 5.5.2 and

You can check the exact version in the lower left corner of the phpCMS admin panel.


Ask TFDI exactly what PHP and MySQL/MariaDB is being used.


You have full access to all phpVMS files - including this module - thru you hosting panel.


You are going to continue to have issues with that skin.

Is that the Stisla skin? If so, the skin doesn't show the proper attribution required by the phpVMS license when not signed into the site. This puts you in violation of the phpVMS licensing terms.

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Ok I have some more information.


1.) phpVMS Version - simpilot 5.5.2

2.) SQL Version - 5.7.41-cll-lve MySQL Community Server

3.) We reverted back to the generic crystal skin. Live map still does not work as shown attached is still blank with no pilot info.



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The map is most likely not working due to the fact it uses an old google maps code, and you need a code from google for it to work, but they changed it since phpvms 5.5.2 came out. You will have to look at a tutorial from nabeel on how to get an alternative maps to work. Your best option is to go with phpvms v7 if you can, or get phpvms it has been optimised to use a newer version of php. Most hosts though are removing support for older versions of PHP so it may be hard to keep using it on standard hosting, and mysql is going to be an issue as strict mode is more then likely on, as with newer versions of it, it comes as on as standard and has to be switched off by the host manually, they may be unlikely to do so as standard hosting is usually shared hosting so they won't turn it off as it could cause problems with other web sites using the same server. Most hosts have a cpanel which you can find out the PHP versionou can create a php document called phpinfo.php you can find the code with a very easy google search and upload it, it will give you all the details of the version of php you are using and what addons the version of php you are using.

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