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How To Have Few Virtual Airlines On Single ASCARS?


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Shalom and greetings tech support,


I have no problem using your fine ASCARS to fly for virtual airline. However,  I cannot figure out how to get few airlines into SINGLE Ascars.  I fly for Alaska Adventures at https://www.flyaka.com/ and for Pacific Northwest Cargo https://pnwcargo.com/.


I am told by the owner of both virtual airlines mentioned above that I can use choice of the two virtual airlines in SINGLE Ascars but I cannot figure out how.  I installed ASCARS for PNW and it worked well. I installed ASCARS for AKA but it switched to AKA and did not show PNW in the same ASCARS.

How do I get more than one virtual airline in SINGLE Ascars, please?? 


Thank you for your attention in this matter.





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20 hours ago, ProAvia said:

vmsACARS is not compatible with phpVMS version 5.x or 2.x
You posted this in the phpVMS Classic (v2/v5) Support forum.



My apologies for posting on wrong subforum. Since I am new on the forum, I did not realize there are different subforums for ASCARS.


Anyway I finally solved the mystery. The funny thing is that regarding the three buttons on upper right corner of ASCARS, I thought all the time that this was for flights not realizing that this was for adding more virtual airlines!!


Thanks for reply.


What subforum is for tech support for latest version of phpVMS version 5.x or 2.x  please?





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@Aharon You are still at phpVMS Classic (v2/v5) section, just look above your first post, it is clearly displayed there which subsection you are in... Also at forum main page try reading the section headers :)






And what is ASCARS ? As far as I know the airlines' you are flying for are using vmsACARS.


Good luck and God speed.


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