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Scenery Database System v2


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Scenery Database v2.1

  • Your pilots add the scenery they suggest into the system.
  • The sceneries are added as pending, so a member of your staff has to validate them.
  • Only when the scenery is accepted it will be shown on the public.
  • There is a complete list of all the scenery which have been uploaded to your database.
  • Each pilot can use a search function in order to search for sceneries. Search by ICAO or Search by Fs Version.
  • A pilot can add comments into any scenery (just as a review) or rate it (+1 or -1).
  • An admin has the right to edit and delete the scenery or delete a comment.
  • This is a Copyrighted Module and is not transferable to others.
  • If you want any customizations we maybe can do this for you. Just open a support ticket.

More information about the module can be found here.

You can also request any customizations for your own virtual airline system or request new features. You can anytime request support for this module by opening a support ticket on our billing system.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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I think the problem is this is not what you would buy, its priced to high, i could make this module and give it out for free.... and ugly.

I don't personally think the price is too high, but what you just said that the module is ugly, I don't think it is. But that's your opinion and you can keep that to yourself.

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Hello Guys,

In reality, we get less than a half of these money and this is because we have to pay our server, systems etc. We are here to give easy solutions for the virtual airlines which are using phpvms. Of course if you have the proper experience you can built anything module you want.

As a virtual airline manager, i have purchased several modules because firstly we did not have the time to built them and secondly we wanted to support the people who develop freeware and payware modules for phpvms. As i said, everyone has its own point of view, i respect it and i understand it!

SouthwestVA, thank you very much for your opinion about our module. I am here to listen your suggestions about this module in order to update it and make it worth its money. You can send me a pm, if you want so :).

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saying something like that is really not nice I must be honest.

No one is forcing you to buy this. You said you can make it yourself, then do it. If you don't like something keep it to yourself and don't insult someone's hard work.

I didn't see you complain getting all the free modules from here.

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Of course yes! :) The update will be free for those who have already bought the previous version.

purchased today :)

and have another implemention idea

if a scenery is external hosted a optional Source field could be nice




best would be to make that a text field to be more flexible ;)

best regards,


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Version 2.1 is now available! See #1 post for more details.

Change log

  • A new rating system has been added.
  • A preview screen shot can be set for each scenery.
  • The search function has been updated. You can now search by Fs Version (also).
  • Security Fixes

Thanks to those who sent us their suggestions! For those who have already purchased the Scenery Database module the update to v2.1 is free. You may download Scenery Database 2.1 phpVMS Addon Module UPDATE FROM 2.0 .You are suggested to keep backups before each update.

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