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Rules and Regulations v1


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Rules and Regulations v1.1

You can add rules categories and add new rules to these categories.

After that you may remove the Registration for from the public and just redirect your users to this page.

The user has to accept the rules in order to proceed with his registration on your virtual airline.

This module was developed by php-mods and it is registered under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

How to Install?

Copy and upload the files same as the structure as your phpvms files.

Run R&RInstallSql - this is going to install the database tables.

Delete R&RInstallSql folder. (IMPORTANT)

If you want to link your website's visitors/users to this module, use this:

www.yoursite.com/index.php/scenery -or- <?php echo url('/ruleregs'); ?>


Rules Category Administration: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/1.jpg

Rules Administration: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/2.jpg

Module's public page for those who are not logged in: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/4.jpg

Module's public page for those who are logged in: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/3.jpg


The module has been uploaded on github and you can download it here.

Support will be offered by this forum. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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small problem it installed right but I have small problem when I add a category with the admin backend it doesn't appear in list

message is You have not added any rule categories yet.

looked in my database via cpanel the table structure is there but no added entry categorie

any ideas?

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Can you check your database table named YOURTABLEPREFIXrules_categories if your value exists there? This will help me understand where is the problem (on the category insert or on the category list).

Edit: Did you run the R&RInstallSql in order to install you database tables?

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yes I ran the install script

in database I have the following



it seems that the mod does not write into database

could it be that the name need to be changed "fssrules_categories" to "rules_categories" and "fssrules" to "rules"

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Ok, problem solved. Just re-download the R&RInstallSql folder and re-run it. I had set it to install the tables with the prefix i am using for my own site :). You can find it on github. You can also delete those tables (phpvms_fssrules & phpvms_fssrules_categories) because the installer is going to create the new one's.

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Hello and thank you for your work ... :) I have this error can someone help me ?

Deprecated: Non-static method RuleregsData::getAllRuleCat() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in/home/helle472/public_html/core/modules/Ruleregs/Ruleregs.php on line 12

(greek transmition : Parapoli kali doulia file bravo)

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Hello Michael,

It is a known issue with the latest php versions. Please open your core/common/RuleregsData.class.php file and replace where "public" = "static". This will solve the issue. Alternatively, copy-paste the file contents via here.

(greek transmition too: ΕυχaÏιστώ Ï€Î¿Î»Ï Ï†Î¯Î»Îµ μου, νa σaι κaλά!) (Thank you very much my friend, have fun!) :)

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