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  1. If you can use VB then I recommend you take Vangelis' open source module and modify it. That's what I started doing, left it for a while though.
  2. Solved. Took an entire day, but solved. I've found a solution and it works for me, but please backup core/codon.config.php and core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php. Open up codon.config.php and scroll down a bit until you see all the define() declarations. Add the following at the bottom: define('ADMIN_PATH', SITE_ROOT.'admin'); Then, at the end of the file, add: $admin_skin = Config::Get('ADMIN_SKIN'); define('ADMIN_SKINS_PATH', ADMIN_PATH.DS.'lib'.DS.$admin_skin); Save your changes and close. Then, navigate to core/classes and open TemplateSet.class.php. Scroll down to the getTemplate() function, should be line 198. Replace the existing function with the following one: public function getTemplate($tpl_name, $ret=false, $checkskin=true, $force_base=false) { /* See if the file has been over-rided in the skin directory */ if(strstr($tpl_name, $this->tpl_ext) === false) { $tpl_name .= $this->tpl_ext; } if(defined('ADMIN_PANEL') && ADMIN_PANEL === true){ if(defined('ADMIN_SKINS_PATH') && file_exists(ADMIN_SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name)){ $tpl_path = ADMIN_SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name; } else { $tpl_path = $this->template_path . DS . $tpl_name; } } if($force_base === true) { $old_tpl = $this->template_path; $this->template_path = Config::Get('BASE_TEMPLATE_PATH'); if($checkskin === true) { if(defined('SKINS_PATH') && file_exists(SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name)) { $tpl_path = SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name; } else { $tpl_path = $this->template_path . DS . $tpl_name; } } } if((!defined('ADMIN_PANEL') || $force_base == true) && $checkskin == true) { if(defined('SKINS_PATH') && file_exists(SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name)) { $tpl_path = SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name; } else { $tpl_path = $this->template_path . DS . $tpl_name; } } if($force_base) { $this->template_path = $old_tpl; } if(!file_exists($tpl_path)) { trigger_error('The template file "'.$tpl_path.'" doesn\'t exist'); return; } extract($this->vars, EXTR_OVERWRITE); ob_start(); include $tpl_path; $cont = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); # Check if we wanna return if($ret==true) return $cont; echo $cont; } Save that too and close it. Now, you should be able to copy your files from admin/templates into admin/lib/[skin] and edit them there. Any problems, let me know.
  3. I don't think any ACARS program can be 100% bug free.
  4. Surprised no one else has gone into this in detail before. It's really annoying. This is in core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php: if($force_base === true) { $old_tpl = $this->template_path; $this->template_path = Config::Get('BASE_TEMPLATE_PATH'); if($checkskin === true) { if(defined('SKINS_PATH') && file_exists(SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name)) { $tpl_path = SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name; } else { $tpl_path = $this->template_path . DS . $tpl_name; } } } if((!defined('ADMIN_PANEL') || $force_base == true) && $checkskin == true) { if(defined('SKINS_PATH') && file_exists(SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name)) { $tpl_path = SKINS_PATH . DS . $tpl_name; } else { $tpl_path = $this->template_path . DS . $tpl_name; } } else { $tpl_path = $this->template_path . DS . $tpl_name; } Now obviously this is for the main site as well.
  5. Beginning to understand why there aren't many admin skins around.
  6. About to release my admin skin, however I have been forced to edit the default template files in admin/templates. I noticed that adding them to the skin folder, like you would on the main site, does not work. Changes made to those files in the skin folder do not show up. Is there a way around this?
  7. You'll need to get a mod to do it.
  8. It's not going to come from Nabeel, that's for sure. Nothing stopping others getting involved though.
  9. I have done it before, it does no harm as far as I can see, however there is no guarantee the same can be said for future versions obviously. I have removed the javascript bidding, so I don't have that issue anyway.
  10. Which is extremely frustrating when you need the current version.
  11. Don't pick Edinburgh GLA is where it's at
  12. Concept is good, my only concern at the moment would be that there is currently no decent scenery for Prestwick. The last one was released in 2004 but it has changed quite a bit since, particularly in that runway 13/31 is now 12/30. Another thing is that it's rarely controlled or used on VATSIM, if you intend to get your pilots flying online. Personally I'd pick Glasgow over Prestwick. In the real world Prestwick is declining and will surely be dead within 5 years, at least in terms of scheduled passengers. I wouldn't get too concerned about days off for aircraft, I would make them fly every day. As for the fleet, I would probably choose between the Islander and the Twin Otter. There is a good payware model for the Twotter and that's what counts nowadays. Same goes for the ATR, great choice by the way. One issue that challenges the whole concept is that flyuk have a division that lets pilots fly about the highlands. Most of them copy Loganair's routes from Glasgow to the Hebridies but it extends beyond just Glasgow. It is, or used to be, very popular, particularly among those flying online who don't want to fly 747s out of Heathrow. If you think you can make it work, then sure, go for it, but be sure it will work before you invest time and money Happy New Year!
  13. They didn't close, they rebranded as Thomsonfly who then became Thomson Airways. There is a list of hubs and destinations on the Wikipedia page but no actual routes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britannia_Airways
  14. Not too sure what you mean, do you mean random flights, if the user inputs aircraft and airports?
  15. jQuery is included by default with phpVMS. Problem is it's outdated. Either take that out or remove the old jQuery.
  16. That's a bit of a mess and hard to read. Order matters, but you also need to make sure that they are in the correct place. Look at the layout.tpl for the default crystal skin for an idea of how it should look.
  17. No, not unless you book the flight and change the pilotid field in the database to the pilot's ID, but you would be doing that at your own risk.
  18. You don't get a degree in HTML for a start...
  19. I'm not familiar with the module. Find the file that lists the flights, i.e has 'foreach($schedules as $schedule){ ...' for example. It's called schedule_results.tpl by default, but do not know what it is called in the module.
  20. In the loop do: if($schedule->registration == 'X'){ continue; } Double check the $schedule variable is correct first.
  21. Nothing done for a few weeks, started to change it around to the new format and realised it wasn't going to be easy. Will definitely be into next year, but we'll get there.
  22. Surely the hub they are assigned to is the one they manage though?
  23. Since the PHP mail function does not allow multiple receipients, you would need to repeat the line that sends the email, I think it starts Email::send. All you would do is repeat the line and change the receipient to the email itself, so instead of the variable $to (for example), you would enter the email, i.e 'email@site.com'.
  24. Sorry, thought you said why. Using a real world example, British Airways pay £10/hr for First Officers and Captains, that's about $16. I use very high prices, but that's because there's no salary. My lowest rank pays £28/hr. My highest rank is £500.
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