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  1. New England Virtual Air www.newenglandvirtual.com
  2. dug through the build log....... tried to modify usergroups.class.php and app.config.php and managed to destroy things pretty well here on the local development server.... : have created a new folder "admincbm" and modified the templates and such to just show what I want in the menu bar but when I call the folder it ends up going right back to the old admin folder and it's files. Guess I will wait for the next update.
  3. Is there a way to allow selective admin section log-ins? ie - allow a crew base manager to approve PIREPS but not get into the other functions of the admin panel. :
  4. I had no issues (that I know of) with cross browsers. With the map giving weird results, you have to place your map "center" location n the local.config file. Then to actually zoom you need to change the parameters in the acars.js file as shown prior, catch is... those numbers have to fit both the map window you are using as well as the map from google, hence the long extensions behind the decimal. These have to be calculated for your map if it is sized differently than the default VMS map.
  5. I had a time with this as well. What I found was that the "13" is overridden by the code following it; var bds = new GLatLngBounds(new GLatLng(20.8258173, 3.74226154), new GLatLng(23.2391067, 6.92817646)); The map can be zoomed by changing the red sectons. It takes some work with a map and a calculator to find the correct lat/long figures for the location you want to view. I found the google information helpful as well here - http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/reference.html#GLatLngBounds.GLatLngBounds you can view the map I got to work here - http://www.simpilotgroup.com/newenglandair
  6. Hello phpVMS fans, I am not a php expert by any means and this is probably a simple one but annoying me to no end none the less. I have gotten the site up and running with some success and I have all pages centered except the "route details" page. It functions correctly but the page jumps to the left margin all the time. Simply annoying to me : If anyone could give me a hint in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. The site is newenglandair.simpilotgroup.com The page in question is http://www.simpilotgroup.com/newenglandair/index.php/schedules/details/800
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