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  1. ATAvCEO


  2. ATAvCEO

    Where is Vansers

    Ok folks here is some of Vansers Addons. I just uploaded them to my main site and they are in a directory called Vansers. These are Originals. http://www.ata-virtual.com/Vansers/ Thats all I have Enjoy This includes all he mentioned minus the phpBB_Auto_1.2 Kyle, hope things get better you buddy.
  3. ATAvCEO

    Request Template

    Links are going to 404 pages...
  4. ATAvCEO


    Yes I guess V3.0 would be the next one, lol. Your welcome. Thanks for taking into consideration, Parkho. You do great work
  5. ATAvCEO


    Parkho, Not sure how difficult it would be, but I had an idea that many may like. I personally like the whole pilot manager and I think this would be a great addition. Anyways, I think it would be good to keep a history for all emails sent to pilots. I guess what would have to be done is create a database, and when an email is sent to a pilot it saves that email in the database. Now to access the history of emails for any given pilot you would just click on the pilot ID and it pulls a drop down list of all emails for that given pilot. Whether it be a warning, welcome or custom email. My thought on this is this. Pilot doesn't fly by a specific time per the Operation Procedure, you send out a warning email to that pilot and it is then saved into the database. After say 7 days still no pirep submitted you can pull that pilot's email up get a reference date to put into a custom email letting that person know that they were notified on say 01/01/12 that they haven't submitted their first pirep and they are being removed or listed as retired, banned, etc. from the roster. This way the CEO or the Hub Managers have something to go by. Thoughts?
  6. ATAvCEO

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Sava, I really like this addon, not sure of your time frame on adding a small touch to this already great addon, but it would be nice to be able to Approve the LOA Request via a button and to send an email to the Pilot requesting the LOA, via the View page. Thinking have an Approve button below the Information provided in the View page and when you click on that button it pulls a form up to enter your comments concerning the LOA Request approval and a send button to send that info to the requesting Pilot via email. Thanks for your great addons. Greatly appreciated I am sure by all here.
  7. ATAvCEO

    Potential Downtime

    Thanks for the info Nabeel. Good Luck and stay safe up there in NY.
  8. ATAvCEO

    Business Advertising

    Michael Ok, well I am glad you see my point. I am not trying to take things away from anyone or keep someone from gaining clients for their business via this post, as again I am in the same business as you and many others are in and to me it just isn't good business ethics to do this. As far as the TeamSpeak, I think it would be fine as long as they contact you via email or PM. I am not a moderator here nor can I speak for Nabeel or the moderators, nor will I as this is their house. So that is strictly up to them. Your quite welcome for the feedback and I hope all feels the same way. I am not saying this to start trouble or even to gain enemies. We all come here for the same several things and I for one like this place (atmosphere), the people here as well as the great support that everyone freely gives.
  9. ATAvCEO

    Business Advertising

    Here is a good guide to calculate bandwidth in case anyone wants to see whats involved - http://blog.brainhost.com/how-much-bandwidth-does-my-website-need/
  10. ATAvCEO

    Business Advertising

    My views on this, well lets just say this. Yes it may help some VA's out, however at the same time Nabeel is the one that is being undercut with your Free hosting. You have to take into account several factors here, 1) Nabeel has to have a server/webhosting to place his place of business, lets say phpVMS, granted he isn't charging for this service, but he still has to pay for the server which also involves costly bandwidth usage on a monthly basis. Then the forums, yes granted it is hosted under the phpVMS main site but that also eats up bandwidth, you figure on average 1 person views say 5+ pages a day which I forgot the breakdown of how much bandwidth usage it takes for one page, but it is small, sure it can be googled. As of right now looking at the statistics at the bottom of the main page for the forums, in the last 15 minutes, 5 Members and 33 guests have viewed at least one page. Thats 38 people who have hit that page alone, which is a pretty good amount of bandwidth used in just 15 minutes for one page alone, not to mention other pages. To get to this post you have had to hit at least 3 pages, if not 4: 1) Forum Main Page, 2) Paid Services Page and 3) The topic which is here, thats just one person hitting 3 pages for one post. 2) VACentral is also on his server which sends out several pings to websites and websites sending pings to VACentral that is using that service which eats up bandwidth as well. Not to mention if he has FSHost running on his server(s) which I think he does, each person logged into that uses even more bandwidth. With just those 2 factors his bandwidth is probably higher then most normal sites which means he probably has to pay more then what we do for his bandwidth usage. Now with that said, put yourself in his shoes. You offer a GREAT service and software like phpVMS, you have webhosting to help OFFSET your costs for the servers and you advertise your hosting and you really hope you pick up clients to help with these costs because you really could use the extra income made off of webhosting to keep things going. How would you feel if say Nabeel or I or others come in and advertise FREE Webhosting on your site knowing there is a possibility that some of your clients may think "hmmm free webhosting, huh. Lets cancel our hosting with MichaelD's site and go with Joe Blows site since it is free". Guess what? You loose money and Joe Blow may later make money. Say you loose all your customers over a month and something drastic hits you hard and you are no longer financially fit to keep the site up because no more hosting clients, no more money coming in and you personnally cannot afford to keep everything going. Well you loose your hosting, then the community is out of a great piece of software and the friendly atmosphere to go along with it. phpVMS would no longer be. I can somewhat digest the Free TeamSpeak alittle, but still alittle out of bounds for my taste. As it would mean the clients would have to come to your site to setup the Team Speak and then guess what "Whats this? Free Webhosting too for phpVMS" still not a good thing as far as I am concerned. I personally would never advertise anything of the such, but that's just me and the way I do business. I have Ethics, Morals and respect for others who are trying to make something a go with what they have and are doing. And by no means am I trying to start any war here with anyone, I am solely voicing my opinions here about this matter.
  11. ATAvCEO

    Business Advertising

    Hello All, I am going to try and go on a civil rant here. I was going to hold my tongue and bite the bullet here, but this is really starting to bother me. I have read the Pinned area of this Forum area called RULES. I think a handful of people should really read them and understand them and see what is actually supposed to be posted here in the "Paid Services". As the services they are actually posting really don't pertain to phpVMS Per se and they are also "STEPPING on someone's toes" here that brought phpVMS to the Flight Sim Community "FREE OF CHARGE" for us Flight Sim CEO's and Officers to use for an efficient Flight Sim Virtual Airline. This topic is geared to the people who are advertising web hosting. I myself have my own webhosting business since 2004/2007 as well as lease game servers and the such. However, I never once had any intention of advertising my business here nor will I ever advertise it here as the Man (Nabeel) who is in charge basically for phpVMS has his own webhosting business and is geared towards the Flight Sim Community which in all rights should be the only one to have such rights to advertise his webhosting as the phpVMS site, forums and VA Central is probably ran from his own servers, which uses up his bandwidth and storage that we all use on a daily basis. His webhosting pays the bills for his server(s) that we all use in one sense or another. I look at the Forum area right now of the "Paid Services and I see 5 people or threads on the FIRST PAGE advertising their own webhosting. That sucks that you can "step on the toes" of the man who is behind phpVMS. I know that webhosting can be a cut throat business, as again I have been doing it for several years and I know how hard it is to get clients as I have seen many clients come and go over the years due to the undercutting BS that alot of the webhosting business's offer. I know for a fact that one of the business's advertised here used a bogus review to make it look like he has been in business longer then he actually has (won't mention names, but you know who you are), and it doesn't take much to check a business out either if you know what your looking for and doing. Don't PM me asking me as I will not relinquish the name of the user or the business name as that's not the purpose of this post. I have also seen many post's here with moderators telling people or reminding people to please NOT advertise their webhosting business on this site and still to this day it is being done. I am no moderator but it upsets me greatly to see people doing this sort of stuff. This to me is DISRESPECTFUL for the people who is behind the phpVMS software and the users. Lets ALL grow up, RESPECT the owner and the moderators here and not advertise such stuff, take it elsewhere. Best form of Advertisement is word of mouth too. I think, since some have advertised here, why don't you do this, for every customer you should pick up from this site offer Nabeel at least 25% of what you make from that one client to help Nabeel offset his costs? This doesn't make it right for you to advertise, but I feel it would be a GREAT gesture on your part, or for that matter, make a monthly donation to phpVMS? Ok my civil rant is over. Nabeel or any moderator who should feel this post to be unacceptable you may delete this post without any hard feelings on my part. I am just upset to see people "step on the toes" of great people and undercut the services that the great people here offer to us Flight Simmers.
  12. ATAvCEO


    Not a problem, glad to be of help.
  13. ATAvCEO


    Hello, I think you would be able to add an option to the registration page. You can go into the Admin Center/Site Settings/Profile Fields and set up a new Profile Field and put the Hub Info there. Make sure If you have more then One Hub position available you select Drop Down and also select Show on Registration. If you want to create another type of Application form for Hub Manager with more information you could use a site called JotForm which is here - http://www.jotform.com/. I have used their free services before and I was very impressed with the outcome of the Forms I used. You will be able to copy the code directly into a Page built from the Admin Center and it will display in that page. There are plenty of Options for JotForm. Hope this information helps.
  14. ATAvCEO

    Completed Flights Still Showing on Map

    Sean, Not a problem. Glad it helped you out.
  15. ATAvCEO

    Completed Flights Still Showing on Map

    Hello LVA001, You can go into the local.config.php file located under the "core" folder of your website and edit how long to keep your info to display. Here is what to look for to change: ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', 30); Config::Set('ACARS_DEBUG', false); Set the xx in minutes to change. I think you can set it to show for 01 minutes but won't swear to it. I have ours set to 30 minutes as you can see by the code posted. Hope this helps.