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  1. Great friend @ProAvia It worked. Thanks for the promptness to help Best Regards
  2. In my VA (https://www.anumara-cargo.com), I adjusted the local.config.php: define ('SITE_URL', 'https://www.anumara-cargo.com'); and in simbrief.apiv1.js: var api_dir = 'https://www.anumara-cargo.com/core/modules/SimBrief/'; The plan generated, however with the following error on the console: Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.anumara-cargo.com/index.php/SimBrief?ofp_id=1594082924_CF736D9208' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure frame 'http://www.simbrief.com/ ofp / flightplans / SBBRSBEG_PDF_1594082928.pdf '. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. I was analyzing the simbrief.apiv1.js file here and we have several references to: "http://www.simbrief.com" and in the do_simbriefsubmit function there is: outputpage_calc = outputpage.replace ("http: //", "") ; if you change the http to https will it work correctly?
  3. Thank you! Now it worked right
  4. Here is the link https://anumara-cargo.com/index.php Please, I did not find in the documentation how to install the module.
  5. Hello @ProAvia When I click on: "Join Today" the action points to "https://anumara-cargo.com/index.php/Join" and displays the error: An Error Was Encountered The module "JOIN" doesn't exist!
  6. Hello! Very good, I will use it in my VA (https://www.anumara-cargo.com). One detail, I didn't find the "JOIN Module" in the "3rd Party MODS" folder, what should I do? Thank you
  7. Hello, I downloaded the file, but without following the option of adding a bid. Thanks,
  8. Hmmm no problem. How cost the module? Thanks.
  9. Parkho! FBS V3.0 are avaliable for download? Thanks
  10. Very good!! Simple and functional! Thank you!
  11. Muito BOM!!! Vou baixar e personalizar este skin para usar na minha VA... Se tiver MSN, me adiciona, vamos trocar umas idéias! Abraço,
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