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  1. Hello, you must go were the kacars is installed, example "C:\Program Files (x86)\FS Products\......" right click on kacars aplication and then select "run as administrator". Regards
  2. lorlandi

    Errors with Win 10

    Check the "run as administrator" in the kACARS main folder no in the shortcut and try. Regards
  3. Hi, why my airline appear on rank 218 today with 0 score an 0 pilots....??? www.transpolar.cl regards
  4. Our Airline will be happy to be a tester when you release de cargo option in the future. Congratulations for this job and thanks for your time. Regards
  5. Hello Parkho, After install your module i have a problem with total pilots on screen, pilot manager show the last pilot as TPR295 instead TPR383, also i try in your "Module Test" with is the same problem, your last id pilot is ALD7016 but the pilot manager only show ALD6980. Can you help me please? Regards
  6. Working on Fleet page

  7. I had many times the same problem with maintenace module, pireps and hours in "0" really don't know whats is wrong in my codes but i made some code to populate the data again. Try with the code below and insert it at the end of your PilotData.class located at core/common. public static function actualizarPagoPiloto($pilotid) { $sql = 'SELECT p.pirepid, p.submitdate, p.modifieddate FROM ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'pireps p WHERE p.pilotid='.$pilotid.' AND `accepted`='.PIREP_ACCEPTED; $pireps = DB::get_results($sql); foreach ($pireps as $pirep) { $sqlupdate = 'UPDATE ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'l
  8. Yes i know that will be a big work but the first step is to create the module, the main idea is the ability to change the information as you need according the flights and update the wrong route fixes in schedules not update all the table, and also to imput the new information like your post. I think is much better than to make changes directly in the data base with the risk to do somothing wrong with manual procedure. Regards
  9. Yes, the idea is to update manually the data base, and is true the airacs costs money but with this module we can have the ability to insert new points in case of new airports and procedures sid and stars. Any way i'll try to do something i'm not a programmer but have time. Regards
  10. Hi all, i wonder if it is possible to create a module to manually update the database navdata as for now it is only possible to do it directly in the database. A query module for the different fields to search on airway, location or name for easy searching and updating. Thanks and Regards
  11. Ok thanks a lot....i'll wait for ti. Regards
  12. Ok Kapitan, let's wait for a better way solution. Regards
  13. Hello Kapitan, in fact i have for many time the same problem with the bids, my solution is not a good solution but it's work for the moment, I go to the database table phpvms_schedules at the column with name "bids" who show the flight who are on bids whit the numer "1" and no bids with numer "0", i just compare the current bids with the bid value in the column, if you have 5 currents bids you must have 5 flights with numer 1 on the column bids at shedules data base, finsh that i just change the value to "0" without "" and your flights wll be as on bid. Is not a good practice because you chang
  14. Thanks for the help simpilot. Regards
  15. Hi all, Reagarding update by git, on domumentation show this way to make the update but i do not understand, can you help me please. Updating from Git If you installed phpVMS using git, do: cd phpvms git checkout v2.0 It will then automatically update to the latest. Navigation to install/update.php to complete the upgrade. At the moment, v2.0 is the latest tag which is available. When the next version is available, it will be listed here. Thanks and regards
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