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  1. today the problem has enabled again!!! i don't know why or what happend!!! Please help!!!!
  2. thanks a lot my friend!!! [sOLVED] !!!!!
  3. is there a way to short the airplanes?? for example our va has 4 A318, 4 A320 etc..in the dropdown menu is it possible to saw only one A318???
  4. for the past 2-3 days i have this problem. In the Acarsmap even there are pilots flying the map does not works. I have cleared the Acars table, the cache, optimize the tables. After all that the planes appear for 1-2 minutes and then nothing. In the SQL table there are the data of the pilots that flying and the folder cache has 777 permissions. Any help please.... http://www.gralexandair.net/index.php/acars
  5. thanks a lot!! Worked like a charm!!!!
  6. is there a way the module to show only the schedules from one airline?? i have 3 airlines AXN, AXG and CH and i watt the schedules for the CH not to been showed!!
  7. hi baggelis. I have install the module, got the API key from Simbrief and when i click the buuton Generate Simbried the popup appears, the bar is loading and when it reaches 100% dissapears. The server has the allow_url_fopen enabled. also we are using the Real Booking system from phpmods (servetas) any ideas???
  8. same problem! As admin i can deletethe bid but as pilot no!! This was working on our old skin but with the new i have the problem!
  9. can you tell the conflict because i have the same problem in my VA?
  10. where i can find the module for this forum??? at Github there is nothing!!! or anyone to send me the module via PM.. <<UPDATED>> Never mind...i found another forum for my VA!!
  11. a question.... i have the the Pilot Reward module in my VA. My question is can this module tranform to Pilot Awards??? example: when the pilot reach 20 points then he will get a award from the Awards page.
  12. never mind....i solved the problem...
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