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  1. today the problem has enabled again!!! i don't know why or what happend!!! Please help!!!!
  2. thanks a lot my friend!!! [sOLVED] !!!!!
  3. is there a way to short the airplanes?? for example our va has 4 A318, 4 A320 etc..in the dropdown menu is it possible to saw only one A318???
  4. for the past 2-3 days i have this problem. In the Acarsmap even there are pilots flying the map does not works. I have cleared the Acars table, the cache, optimize the tables. After all that the planes appear for 1-2 minutes and then nothing. In the SQL table there are the data of the pilots that flying and the folder cache has 777 permissions. Any help please.... http://www.gralexandair.net/index.php/acars
  5. thanks a lot!! Worked like a charm!!!!
  6. is there a way the module to show only the schedules from one airline?? i have 3 airlines AXN, AXG and CH and i watt the schedules for the CH not to been showed!!
  7. hi baggelis. I have install the module, got the API key from Simbrief and when i click the buuton Generate Simbried the popup appears, the bar is loading and when it reaches 100% dissapears. The server has the allow_url_fopen enabled. also we are using the Real Booking system from phpmods (servetas) any ideas???
  8. same problem! As admin i can deletethe bid but as pilot no!! This was working on our old skin but with the new i have the problem!
  9. can you tell the conflict because i have the same problem in my VA?
  10. where i can find the module for this forum??? at Github there is nothing!!! or anyone to send me the module via PM.. <<UPDATED>> Never mind...i found another forum for my VA!!
  11. a question.... i have the the Pilot Reward module in my VA. My question is can this module tranform to Pilot Awards??? example: when the pilot reach 20 points then he will get a award from the Awards page.
  12. never mind....i solved the problem...
  13. how can i change the font size??
  14. my friend the skin will be free or not???
  15. witch tracker are you using???
  16. A real pilot had said to me that a landing rate less than 70f/m is UNSAFE for the passengers and the the aircraft. So my opinion: 1--> YES 2--> Give them something like bonus, or name them Excelent Landing 3--> 50 - 70f/m the unsafe and all over 600-700f/m as high penalty 4--> YES 5--> i think that the manufacters of the airplanes don't have other paramaters for cargo. they don't build different aircraft for the airlines and for the cargo.
  17. is there a way to send them after they have accepted or rejected? also one PIREP with -877 that has been rejected! All the others as you can see there are below 600f/m! so you force the pilot to perfom as you saying "grease landings"? i thing this is unfair!!! a nice landing rate must not be under 150f/m in the real world i think...(forgive if i'm wrong here)
  18. Why the Landing Rate factor is so high when tha landings of the pilots are maximum at 550f/m? We have the AutoPirep activated a with the parameter of when a flights has over 600f/m landing rate is been rejected. Thank you for your time by the way!!!
  19. is there a way to show the destination airports from 1 airline? I have 2 codes for the airlines AXN and AXG...
  20. OK so far so good. So...can you tell me please why my VA lost over 500 point this week? Every day we have at least 10 flights with landing rate not over 500f/m and not below 100f/m? Is there a problem with my VA? Problem with the tracker? What is going on???
  21. I have to agree with this!!! Every day we have an average of 10 flights and this week we droped from 7th to 37 losing around 500 points. Why??? i don't know.... and the landing rates are between 150-400f/m. "Airlines with 1 pilot on their roster are getting 1000 points just like that." Why??? Can someone anwer this question??? If there is a problem with the system you should tell us. Thank you!
  22. try this.... go to core\templates and fidn the login_form.tpl file in there you must have this <h3 style="text-align:center">Login</h3> <form name="loginform" action="<?php echo url('/login');?>" method="post"> <?php echo "<?xml version='1.0'?>"; ?> <?php if(isset($message)) echo '<p class="error">'.$message.'</p>'; ?> <center> <dl> <dt>E-mail Address:</dt> <dd><input type="text" name="email" value="" /> <dt>Password:</dt> <dd><input type="password" name="password" value="" /> <dt></dt> <dd>Remember Me? <input type="checkbox" name="remember" /></dd> <dt></dt> <dd><input type="hidden" name="redir" value="index.php/profile" /> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="login" /> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Log In" /> <dt></dt> <dd><a href="<?php echo url('Login/forgotpassword'); ?>">I forgot my password</a></dd> </dl> </center> </form>
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