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  1. bpruett72

    phpVMS Legacy support for PHP 7

    Thanks Web, that was what I was thinking too. Just concerned about the error logs, as I now have an error due to the deprecated nature of php5.6. Everything seems to be running fine though.
  2. bpruett72

    phpVMS Legacy support for PHP 7

    Forgive a potentially stupid question, but how does this affect my current site. I am running phpVMS 5.5.x from SimPilot which is a .php version whereas this version that you have here is .tpl. Since I notice that my host still offers down to php 5.3 is this an immediate concern or do I have a while? Also, is phpVMS 4 going to be able to successfully migrate my current database, as well as work with all addon modules?
  3. bpruett72

    Assign an Airport to particular Pilot

    This might be what you are looking for. https://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/automatic-flight-assignments/
  4. bpruett72

    TopPilot V2.0

    I have the issue in the picture. I have already tried what Omer stated and the problem remains.
  5. bpruett72

    TopPilot V2.0

  6. bpruett72

    Flight Hours Calculated as seconds?

    It is this one that I found under the info for PHPVMS4 https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms_v2 Please forgive my ignorance though, my past airline ran on phpVMS 5.X that SimPilot Group put out and it was stable. The only reason that I am trying to run this version, is due to the fact that PHP5.6 is going to stop being supported next year, and I would rather delay a possible future problem. The question is this, since that SimPilot version was stable and was .php vs .tpl, if I install that one, will it really matter when PHP5.6 is dropped if everything is running stable?
  7. bpruett72

    Flight Hours Calculated as seconds?

    Cool. That was what I was wondering too.
  8. I just downloaded the phpvms version that has been edited to work with PHP70. I am getting a weird hours calculation. Below I put what can be found after running the maintenance option for VA flight hours. Calculating hours for all pilots: SFC001 - found 2.00 flight hours for number Pilots have a total of 2.00 hours Now counting from PIREPS Found 00:00:02 total hours, updated Any Ideas?
  9. bpruett72

    FlightAware Schedule Pull

    Where did you go?
  10. bpruett72

    [SOLVED] CPU Load Issue with PIREPs

    Actually, Ryan from Zumeweb got me the answer. I was using the airport database from simpilot group in the main airport database. Something in that file was causing an error that was killing the system resources (CPU Usage). I deleted the list, cut it down quite a bit and uploaded it again. Problem solved. To try to answer Nabeel's question as to what I was encountering; the original problem was discovered during an attempt to file a manual pirep to test an arrivals board. It also showed up if I tried to edit a pirep. the CPU Usage went nuclear on me and the site would lock up.
  11. Hey Guys I have a weird question/issue. I am building a new VA website. I have installed the phpvms5.5x and I am using php 5.3. What is happening is that when i went to add a manual pirep to the system to test a function i was working on, at first I got the standard error that basically means you need to fix the php.ini to 128mb. I did that and that solved one issue. Now the issue, is that when I try to run a manual pirep, the system cpu load goes to 88%. The same happens when I try to edit a pirep. I am moving to a larger server to help with the issue, but I want to make sure that down the road I do not have any more issues. Does anyone know what script is causing such a drain or is this normal. Other data of interest my database contains: I have 37,602 airports loaded I have 156 aircraft loaded I have 1900 schedules loaded. I am at CodeBlueHost. I did not notice these issues on my old VA that was hosted at TFDi Design. This is what the host found: Upon investigating the potential issue(s) you may be occuring. The following error was found; Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: File name is longer than the maximum allowed path length on this platform (4096): The phpvms forums recommended populating the database, which I already had done, so this was confusing to me. Hopefully there is enough info here to make sense.
  12. LOL....Thanks Vangelis for the awesome, funny response. And I love your modules by the way. I did have two pilots flying at the same time, and I was able to narrow it down to just the one pilot. Collin from TFDi made a change to the interface.php, so we will find out if it works in a bit. If it does work, I be sure to make a post.
  13. Here is a weird issue I am having, and it started out of the blue. I got a new pilot today. When he flies, my ACARS Map goes blank. He is using smartCARS, as are most of us, and yet none of us have this issue. I can have every pilot in the VA fly and everything is fine, once this one pilot connects, the whole map goes blank. There have been no code changes on my front page for over a week. I had him uninstall and reinstall smartcars, and we are still having the problem. Any ideas??????
  14. bpruett72

    ScreenshotCenter 2.0

    I have a screenshot uploaded and now I get this error [ There are no screenshots awaiting approval ] I have all of the files loaded where they are supposed to be. So why is this not working?
  15. bpruett72


    Fantastic Model. Just one small issue that I am sure is easy to fix. When I select a previous month it shows the current month title "Stats for XXX". Any Ideas. And by the way I made some layout changes, that I think you guys will like. http://flyuaa.org/in...nth=2&year=2016