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  1. Does this also check bookings?
  2. http://vatbook.euroutepro.com/xml.php?fir=lirr
  3. Sorry for that, that i really mean is the show who in have booked as atc in an spesefic fir, found xml file but how can i take the info into boxses so under atc box it will say ENBR_TWR name book johannsen and date 21.03.2017 1300z or something like that
  4. Found an atc booking file xml api file but how can i filter the info into boxses there it say name vatsim id etc here is the file just change the file into what ever FIR you want
  5. hello i was wonder if it was any script that could show show Some FIR`s atc bookings so more pilots could more easy choose where to fly via the page ? if not do anyone have an idea for how i can make this happend or somthing thanks
  6. lapw123

    skyBlue v1

    hello i got everything to work but where do i change those words here i have looked in every file almost http://prntscr.com/dvwd53 thanks you and a great work yo do with your temeplates
  7. is it mayby becuse i have an vps and not an web host ?
  8. tried that as well no with no luck
  9. https://www.digitalocean.com ubuntu 14.04 x64 bit is the server and yes i pay for it
  10. Yes i did and the server is from digitalocan
  11. I tried with samuel@link-airlines.com on with sending blue
  12. I also tried with zoho and sending blue
  13. okey i found out it is somthing here $return_path_email = Config::Get('EMAIL_RETURN_PATH'); if(Config::Get('EMAIL_SMTP_USE_AUTH') == true) if($return_path_email == '') { $return_path_email = $fromemail; { $mail->SMTPAuth = Config::Get('EMAIL_SMTP_USE_AUTH'); // <- this line needs to be added $mail->Username = Config::Get('EMAIL_SMTP_USER'); $mail->Password = Config::Get('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS'); $mail->SMTPSecure = Config::Get('EMAIL_SMTP_SECURE'); } Vangelis said a while
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