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  1. Any help with this error Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/www/myairline/core/modules/FrontSchedules/FrontSchedules.php on line 16 Using Current 5.5.2 release stable on php 5.6 environment Thanks
  2. Anyone tell me where the purchase date is stored as the template defaults to "Date of Purchase: Thursday 01 January 1970" Can't see anything in the aircraft tab in SQL G-azza
  3. CFVA


    Anyone know where this can be downloaded from now? Or has someone got a copy of the client & web modules to email Thanks
  4. I'm now totally confused with all this. The frontpage map and the live acars map DO work! I think I will leave it as it is, it's not a big problem Thanks for the help
  5. I know the min & max can be set, but I want a fixed level, no zoom
  6. Yes. No zoom in/out fixed m level
  7. How do I set a fixed zoom level? Rather than from 5 to 17, if I want about 15 how to do please. Thanks for the help so far, it's been fantastic Gary
  8. I've combined the 2 files. Seems to be ok at the moment
  9. Now I've lost my live ACARS map on frontpage & live acars page!
  10. Where are these going? core_htmlhead.php?
  11. It does, seems not to load first time but a refresh sorts it.
  12. Sorry to say that's not made any difference. I may just take the map display off that page and not bother
  13. There is a core_htmlhead.php in the skins folder as well as core/templates folder Which one?
  14. Did that but no change Did this but now get message This page can't load Google Maps correctly. (I've reversed the changes now)
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