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  1. That is a solution if you have 1 a week orso, but if you have around 20 till 40 a week, you get a little bit tired of it and I am looking for a way that if people "choosing" Afghanistan that it will be treated as spam. I already blocked a range of IP addresses it getting ridiculous
  2. A lot of registrations is done by automatic scripts and location is always Afghanistan. Is there a code that checks the location and if this is Afghanistan the registration will be blocked. Regards, Cor
  3. Hi, I have copied it except for this part that gave an error 🙂 I then tried to register with an E-mail adres that was used for the spam and it still just register despite the outcome was if you put the url in another browser So I am a little lost now 🙄 Regards, Cor
  4. This is how I have it now: /** * Registration::ProcessRegistration() * * @return */ protected function ProcessRegistration() { // Yes, there was an error if(!$this->VerifyData()) { $this->ShowForm(); return; } $vbv="VBV"; $data = array( 'firstname' => $this->post->firstname, 'lastname' => $this->post->lastname, 'email' => $this->post->email, 'password' => $this->post->password1, 'code' => $vbv, 'location' => $this->post->location, 'hub' => $this->post->hub, 'confirm' => false ); if(CodonEvent::Dispatch('registration_precomplete', 'Registration', $_POST) == false) { return false; } // Check email for known spammer $url = 'http://www.stopforumspam.com/api?email='.$data['email'].'&ip='.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $file = new CodonWebService(); $contents = $file->get($url); $response = simplexml_load_string($contents); $reject = FALSE; foreach($response->appears as $row) { if($row == 'yes'){$reject = TRUE;} } if($reject == TRUE){ $this->set('message', 'Your email or IP address appears on our spam database, we therefore assume you are a spammer and are rejecting your registration request. If you feel this is incorrect please contact us.'); $this->render('core_error.tpl'); //send email that spam registration rejected $email = 'your email here'; $sub = 'Spam Registration Rejected';; $message = 'Spam pilot registration rejected using email '.$data['email'].' and IP address '.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].' on '.date('m/d/Y', time()).' at '.date('g:ia', time()); Util::SendEmail($email, $sub, $message); return false; } //end spam check $ret = RegistrationData::CheckUserEmail($data['email']); if($ret) { $this->set('error', Lang::gs('email.inuse')); $this->render('registration_error.tpl'); return false; }
  5. Hello, Last post in this topic is from 6 years ago but a must for us now. I still not get this thing working. Is anybody using this code and wehre do I have to put it. tnx Cor
  6. Correction, The data is refreshed only it shows up in black characters, so no splitflap animation. The only way to keep it running is a total refresh of the page. Regards, Cor
  7. Did you further testing and while on the page the board is empty, see picture. The source of the page is looking like this: So the data is getting updated but after the refreshing it is not showing up in the flightboard. It only shows up the first tume you open the page. Getting confussed Happy sunday Cor
  8. Hi @mark1million, It is refreshing but when it has refreshed the flightboard is empty 😞 Close but not yet 🙂 Regards, Cor
  9. Goodmorning @mark1million, Yes just for the flights in my acarssystem and just on my site as a replacemnet flightboard for the Flash one. Appriciate your help. Regards, Cor
  10. This is de code in the frontpage.tpl
  11. Also the sortingpart I need to look into as i want the list in order of the arrival time. - DONE 🙂
  12. Hi @LeonardIGO4036 Tried to find something about AJAX on this forum but that did not work so that is something I culd use some help with. Also the sortingpart I need to look into as i want the list in order of the arrival time. As a middle aged man and no really programming skills I already am pleased that I have come this far with help from you and Jim. Any further help is appriciated. Regards, Cor
  13. Hey @LeonardIGO4036 I have made some progress see https://www.virtual-classics.com.(second website we have) I need to tweak it still a little bit and also see how it can automaticly update the board. But for a few hours playing with it I am happy with the result so far 🙂 Regards, Cor
  14. Hi Jim, I hope you are staying because we need some people who are willing to help others and I still can use some help. I do not know who is giving shakamonkey88 the moderatorship but I will sent a mail to Nabeel. I do not know how old shakamonkey88 is but this is not the way to moderate as I now aware that he did this already four times to you. This use to be a good place to get your info. Guess it is not anymore. If you would help me splitflap I would appriciate this. Regards, Cor
  15. Yep I will as soon as I have a replacement 😂😂
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