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  1. hello, I have got a problem with openstreetmap that I did not have with Googlemaps. My top menu is dissapering behind the map. Any suggestions? Thank you in advange Cor
  2. Did this problem get solved? And how? Regards, Cor
  3. Hi Nabeel, At V-Bird we have our own forum. The forum is split in a Dutch section and English section and because the VA is Dutch from origin most post are in Dutch So for me it had no use. Regards, Cor
  4. I have that probleem nog als. I wil have a look at it this weekend Regards, Cor
  5. Solution back to MariaDB 10.1
  6. I have the same problems now. Did you find the solution? PHP 5.6.34 and MariaDB 10.2.12 Regards, Cor
  7. Hello, Just updated the server to Debian 9 and PHP 5.6.34 and now I have a problem that my manual pireps will not save and I also did a test with Kacars and also those pireps won´t save. Does anyone has does problems too and how do I solve them :-) Regards, Cor
  8. Hiya, Got it working. Thank you for your offer to help. regards, Cor
  9. I need to set Xacars also up because I have someone who does his flying on a Mac to. So I will follow this topic with interest :-) Regards, Cor
  10. Hiya, I think that the dffrence is that I did not do the upgrade. Why, I do not need the problems when everything is working fine for me Regards, Cor
  11. I work with version 2.0.12 I works ok but still I need to change manually the member_name as this is their pilotnumber what changes after they signed up and are accepted. Regards, Cor
  12. I thought so. Thanx also for searching Parkho. Regards, Cor
  13. That´s really old and only for windows Reagrds, Cor
  14. Seems not to be working according to the pilot or he is not getting it to work. I do not own a mac so I can not help him.4 regards, Cor
  15. I just have a small question related to ACARS. Does anyone know a Acars that runs on a MAC because I have a pilot who uses his MAC to Flightsim:-) Regards, Cor
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