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  1. Where can I find Parkho's tour center to download?
  2. To cancel book is not working. Jumpsystem is not working here too. And the main page's map (live tracking) isn't working too... (ther other maps are working good). Get this error on airports page: Notice: The template file "/home2/vexvir29/public_html/core/templates/airport_main.php" doesn't exist in /home2/vexvir29/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231 Get this error on detailed fleet page: Deprecated: Non-static method FleetData::getAircraftTotals() should not be called statically in /home2/vexvir29/public_html/core/modules/Fleet/Fleet.php on line 32 Deprecated: Non-static method FleetData::get5MostRecentFlights() should not be called statically in /home2/vexvir29/public_html/core/modules/Fleet/Fleet.php on line 33 Deprecated: Non-static method FleetData::getAllScheduledFlights() should not be called statically in /home2/vexvir29/public_html/core/modules/Fleet/Fleet.php on line 34
  3. Hello folks... I'm having a dumb issue here with Fltbook. When a new pilot register... his current location (on fltbook's search page) is "-". I guess it's because the current location is based on lhe last pirep sent by the pilot. And this working very well with the pilots that already made some flight on my VA. The problem is that the new pilot (without any flight made) have the current location as "-". I guess that should be shown the pilots HUB, for the first time... How to make it possible? P.s.1: I'm using ProAvia's updated version. P.s2: I'm using crewcenter.
  4. <input type="button" onclick="simbriefsubmit('https://www.vexvirtual.com/index.php/SimBrief');" style="font-size:30px" value="Generate Simbrief"> This is my code above. Open on a new tab when I click on generate Simbrief.
  5. I already changed. But still opening on a new web browser's tab.
  6. Hello guys! I'm having this same issue... SimBrief integration is working correctly... But the plan is being generated on a new tab, not into my schedules page... Anyone knows how to solve it?
  7. This is the log of today. Attached above. log.zip
  8. Hi, bro! After reading you message, I changed back to defaul Crystal skin and tried adding new schedule. No way, the issue still exist: says it was added, but doesn't appear on schedules list... Yep! I tried to refresh... many times, and nothing... the only way to add I found is by phpmyadmin, directly. Buuuut, I don't want to add every route from phpmyadmin. Let's try to found a solution. Hope you all can help me. And, another information... when I add from admin template, and says it was added, I tried to look at phpmyadmin, at schedules table, but nothing is there, only the route I inserted from there (phpmyadmin).
  9. Hello Folks, Issue: I can't add schedules by admin's page. Says "The Schedule "VEX1002" has been added", but doesn't appear on the active schedules. Info 01: The schedule already inserted on the pic, I added from phpmyadmin; Info 02: I'm running on localhost; Info 03: I tried importing by csv. The issue keeps the same; Info 04: I'm using phpvms_5.5.2.72-master Info 05: I didn't change anything on modules... or core... nothing. Info 06: My admin skin/template is the default. Info 07: My website template is crewcenter;
  10. Which is the difference between v2 and 5.5.2?
  11. Doesn’t fivedev has phpvms autoinstall anymore? I looked into cpanel files and didn’t find any phpvms file. Today, I bought the basic plan of fivedev. Can anyone Help me installing phpvms 7 into it?
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