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  1. Hey, I got an error when tried to connect: "Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined."
  2. Hello, I looking for promotional video maker. Thank you very much,
  3. Yeah, This is what I mean, you can do this?
  4. I need someone that ecording my website, in CSS.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a design in Photshop and I want encoder to converting the design from the photoshop to the website. Please, Send me a private message..
  6. What you mean a custom ACARS, I have a smartCARS
  7. Hello everyone, There is something that adding the real route that you fly. Like here: http://www.flypgsva.org/index.php/pireps/view/23912 In the route map. The real route that you flying and not just a straight line. Someone knows how I can show in the route map the real route and not the straight line.. Thanks for helpers...
  8. Hello all, Does anyone know a partnership with companies that ponders simulators? Like Aerosoft That give certain discounts? Thanks so much for helping.
  9. Hello, How I can not show Inactive/reited pilots in pilot roster page? Thans for helping!
  10. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible to do everything that I put in - Customs Fields register as Vatsim ID, etc. So I wanted to ask is there a way to make it mandatory to register the virtual company .. Thank you so much for helping!
  11. 1. I do not want that PHP will continue to own more hours to the event .. I mean, if I did that the event will be until 20:00 z then I want it to really be until I put each time a pilot makes this book adds a few more that I did in Slot Interval love to know how I remove it ?? The intention is that if I did have Slot Limit: 61 so it will not be the 61 pilots also do book .. 2. I want to do after a certain time, for example after 31 days if the pilot did not fly then it will send him an email and tell him he RETIRE and if I really want it put him in this situation because at the momen
  12. Hello all, i see in virtual airlines that the can to change the Flight Status to Img or something else, How I can do this ?? <?php if($flight->phasedetail != 'Paused') { echo $flight->phasedetail; } else { echo "Cruise"; }?> this is the code and i want if the flight status is Cruise to put img, or if the flight was arrived put img . How I can do this please ? Thanks for helping..
  13. Okay, but i change the SITE_UTL to what? to the Main domain or what?
  14. http://box.lufthansavirtual.net/ http://www.lufthansavirtual.net/ http://eat.lufthansavirtual.net/
  15. LIke lufthansavirtual they connect 3 different domains in one system. as you can see in lufthansa virtual.
  16. ^title^ like this airline: http://www.lufthansavirtual.net/ Thanks.
  17. okey thanks you very much.. where i put this code : $pilotinfo = PilotData::getPilotData($xml->verify->pilotID); if($pilotinfo->retired == 1){exit;}
  18. I put a pilot on the state retire and it's not doing anything gives it gives him to connect Bock gives him fly to send PIREPS?? How do I fix this?
  19. i want to add to schedule search a "search by ICAO(write)" and "search by flightnumber" how i can do this ?
  20. Its Work Thank You Very Much!!
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