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  1. ferdiiskandar

    Paid Services

    Well, I dont want to be rude, but I suggest you to start be a honest person within the community will help you get help and friends. Good luck. Regards,
  2. ferdiiskandar

    Paid Services

    Good, and the portfolio of your 2 years experience? Regards,
  3. ferdiiskandar

    Paid Services

    Portfolio? "Steal"? Regards,
  4. ferdiiskandar

    Pilot Calendar - Interested?

    Just what we need, Count me in! Regards,
  5. Quidquid agis, prudenter agas, et respice finem! - "Whatever you do, may you do it prudently, and look to the end!†Timmer, M. Van Anima tot Zeus / druk 1, Lemniscaat.

  6. ferdiiskandar

    Victor Virtual- A work in progress

    Hello, I don't want to be rude, but I have to say, asking for donation without any proof on the project (i.e no website yet), its make no sense for me. Good luck anyway. Regards,
  7. ferdiiskandar

    Custom Skins and Modules

    Impressive work Manuel, Looking forward to use one of this module to my VA real soon! Regards,
  8. ferdiiskandar

    What Web Host do you use?

    Im using GoDaddy.com for 3 of my VA, very good services so far, no downtime (as far as I know) and ofcourse 24'7 support. Operating System: CentOS 6 RAM: 1 GB Total Disk Space: 40 GB Bandwidth Quota: 1000 GB Regards,
  9. ferdiiskandar

    New Emirates VA Suspended?

    There is no official document published from their side, but I guess the suspend problem was due server issue. Regards,
  10. ferdiiskandar

    [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    It's always sad to see these stupid people doing thing like this, specially they are from Indonesia. One of my VA also has been compromised and I decide do temporary disable it while our WM checking the possible solution as discuss. Regards,
  11. ferdiiskandar

    axdesign skin

    Looking good Jacob! Regards,
  12. ferdiiskandar

    Promotional Video For your Virtual Airline

    Actually, Jordan made a good point there, A portfolio in order to demonstrate that you have the appropriate creative design is required if you are offered a work. How we supposed to know what level of creation we are expecting from you with 10-20$? Regards,