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  1. Hello, You want to make a module for the pilots to book flights, the last place we landed? Explain better, I'll see if I can help you.
  2. Kairon


    Yes, on the VA Central for example.
  3. Yes my code was: If the distance is smaller than 0 or negative, for example: -1, -5. Percent = 100
  4. Test it $flights = ACARSData::GetACARSData(); if(!$flights) $flights = array(); $this->acarsflights = array(); foreach($flights as $flight) { if($flight->route == '') { $flight->route_details = array(); } else { $flight->route_details = NavData::parseRoute($flight->route); } $c = (array) $flight; // Convert the object to an array $c['pilotid'] = PilotData::GetPilotCode($c['code'], $c['pilotid']); $totaldistance = round(SchedulesData::distanceBetweenPoints($flight->deplat, $flight->deplng, $flight->arrlat, $flight->arrlng)); $percomplete = ABS(number_format(((($totaldistance - $flight->distremain) / $totaldistance) * 100), 2)); if($percomplete <= '0'){ $percomplete = '100'; } else { $percomplete = $percomplete; } $c['percomplete'] = $percomplete;
  5. I know what it is, is that if the DEP and ARR ICAO is equal, the distance is equal to 0. So php can not divide a 0 value in "Flight Completed". I need you to put your code "percomplete" so I can solve your problem.
  6. You can do so before the awards of the script you put it: This would <div style="width:900px;"> You award script... </div>
  7. It was a string in php, so I removed this part: $userinfo = Auth::$userinfo Thank you for your attention Naabel.
  8. Does anyone know what this error may be? I had to migrate from hosting after login it appears: Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/europask/public_html/core/classes/SessionManager.class.php on line 76 Line 76: return unserialize($_SESSION[$key]); Check Install: phpVMS Virtual Airline Administration Software Install Check phpVMS Build Number: 2.1.934 Checking PHP version [OK] PHP version is 5.2.17.x ASP Tags [OK] ASP-style tags are disabled Checking connectivity... [OK] Can contact outside servers Checking for SimpleXML module... [OK] SimpleXML module exists! OK,'No errors found! :huh:
  9. This error happens when the password, the user or host your database is wrong. The only solution is to review the data to access the database and make sure they are correct.
  10. You must create a function to it, I will create for you, wait.
  11. Kairon

    Pilotpay Bug

    Hello Jeff, Thanks for your reply, but it is not. It is set when each should receive for their rating PIREPS. This is really a bug that is happening. Anybody else got any answers?
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