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Signatures are generated automatically, for each pilot. They are regenerated and stored, to alleviate server load. They're regenerated when a PIREP is filed, or an admin selects the option in the admin panel.

The general format of a signature link is:


So if you are VMA0045 -


And this can be used as the link to a forum, etc.

The basic signature is create from the background.png file, in /lib/signatures. The signature image will take the size of the background image (so if it's 500x150, then the signature will be that same size). They are all generated as PNGs.

There are several options for signatures in your local.config.php:


SIGNATURE_TEXT_COLOR - The text color on the signature

SIGNATURE_SHOW_EARNINGS - Show how much money a pilot has made (true/false)

SIGNATURE_SHOW_RANK_IMAGE - Show the image for the rank of the pilot (true/false)

SIGNATURE_SHOW_COPYRIGHT - Show the "powered by phpVMS, VA Name" (true/false)

If you change an option, or the background image, in the admin panel dashboard, click "Generate Signatures". This will refresh all of them.

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You can add all the backgrounds you would like in the signatures/backgrounds/ folder and when the pilot goes to edit their profile there will be a dropdown with all the background file names to chose from.


Many thanks for that Sim Pilot.

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