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Days of the Week in Database

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Hi again,

I have a quick question if this would be possible. I find that editing routes in large numbers goes quickly when editing straight in the database. Therefore we always export our database with phpMyAdmin, edit it accordingly to add new routes, and then import. However, phpVMS is currently set up to read Sunday in the database as Day 0. This 0 value gets ignored when importing the new routes, so I would wondering if it were possible to change the database for the next release to be on a 1-7 scale instead of the current 0-6 scale for each day of the week? (Ex: instead of saying 0123456 to routes that are to be flown on all days, I suggest having 1234567). Thanks in advance.

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What program are you using to edit the schedules file? Be sure that the days of week column and week1-4 columns (phpVMS 5.5.2) are are set for text and not any numeric setting. If you do that, the 0 will show in the final saved file.

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