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Airline Divisions

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So I have been a member of a virtual airline that has been around since the tail end of 2000. I have been talking with them about a new website. The issues is, they have 1 main airline, 4 Divisions, and then hubs. 

How we are setup now in phpVMS we can create separate airlines and all kinds of hubs or an airline with as many hubs as we wish. So I am embarassed to say that as long as I have been with phpVMS (all but since day 1) I can not for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this task accordingly. 

I need 1 main airline.  Under that main airline I need 4 divisions such as the Americas, Eupoean, Asian, then something such as over closer to Japan and down into New Zealand and Australia.  And under each one of those division, they would have their very own hubs.  

Am I overthinking the current 5.x system? I know for certain I have tried to think this through once before a failed miserably. All I see that we can do is airlines and hubs, no divisions. In the airline I am talking about, they ask their pilots to choose a Division to fly for upon registration, not a hub.  So what f the website name was the airline name and instead of creating 4 separate airlines, I create the 4 Divisions and then create all the hubs under them? That is a shit in the dark. All 4 division have got to have the same call sign though.


But Ray you are posting in the phpVMS 7 forum!! Ah yes! That I am. And for a reason. Is this possible in the new version to do? Or might I have to take the same shot in the dark as the scenario that I just posted above? I hate like hell to start in on a new 5.x website and tie up hundreds upon hundreds of hours on it and have version 7 come out as a RC or better soon there after I get started.

Feel free to move this if it is in the wrong thread area. 

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It's an interesting idea but would take a lot of rework. Let me think about it... if you created multiple airlines but were able to use the same callsign, would that be good enough?

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