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fivedev hosting issues (started 18 OCT 2019)


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Could someone check what is going on with fivedev hosting?

The webage is unaccesable for many of our users and most of the time. Some times it opens on mobile, sometimes on PC, some times on none with "The connection has timed out". We even cannot access fivedev.net / no cPanel, no nothing. This anomaly has been going on for 24 hours already.

Any reason? Any solution?



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You may want to send @Nabeel a PM thru the forums amd also PM him on Discord. It being the weekend, he may mot be able to address the issue until the first part of the week.

If you are having issues loading the main website page, the results page after simBrief processes the data will also see an issue.

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Hi y'all, sorry, I didn't see this topic till now. Yes, there were some issues during the migration, but they should mostly be resolved by now. There's a cpanel issue ongoing currently between WHMCS (the billing panel) and cpanel which is being looked at. Other than that, there were some nameserver/DNS issues intermittently in Europe and Asia it seems, but I think those have also cleared out now.

The next step is the fivedev "rebranding" to vmshost, that'll be happening over the next few weeks, but the hard part of "lift and shift" is done.

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