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Admin panel pilot editor broke [SOLVED]

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Hello im having an issue with my site ever since i switched to SSL where things are funky. this is one of them. all the stuff is displayed on the one page when editing pilots



any help with this would be helpful. also having an issue with the crazy creatives hub admin module where for some people they cant see the log of pireps or see pending pireps for their hub.



edit apparently i can see the log but they cant. even if i give them full admin. its really weird

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For the admin panel - what happens if you wait for a few minutes... does the screen display properly then? If a pilot has a lot of PIREPS it takes a while for th esystem to process them all and the page will take a while to display properly.

For the Crazy Creatives Hub Admin modules - since it's payware, we can't discuss it here. Have you tried reaching out to Crazy Creatives or looked in their forums for a solution? I know getting a hold of anyone there can be challenging at times, but it's the best we can offer you right now.

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Did you do the initial phpVMS install?

If yes to above, did you change the default admin skin?

The pilot shown in the screenshot is new and hasn't flown a flight yet - so page should load pretty quickly.

Since you just changed to SSL, did you change all coding references to your site in the phpVMS files from http to https? 

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2 hours ago, Yash said:

You may check the core_htmlhead.php file in admin layout.

Change http:// to https:// if using SSL

In addition, .../core/local.config.php

There are others too.

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So, everything on your site is working except this one page in the admin panel? Or are there other issues as well?

What log are you talking about that you can see and "they" can't?

Remember, we can't help with the CC Hubs module in this public forum. That module is payware.

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