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Flight - SubFleet Fare Selection and Pirep Mismatch

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Hi @Nabeel and all v7 testers,


Found a strange behavior within vmsAcars. Will explain my setup and result, hope it help you to imagine the situation (or re-create in a test setup)


1. Created my subfleet (ex. A321-OHY)

2. Inserted some aircrafts to the database and assigned them to that subfleet

3. Created my fares as Economy - Domestic (YD) and Economy - International (YI) , assigned prices and costs to them

4. Returned back to subfleet settings , assigned both Economy - Domestic (YD) and Economy - International (YI) fares to the subfleet with defining max seat capacity (219)

5. Created two short haul domestic flights (SAW-AYT-SAW) with %90 load factor, assigned only Economy - Domestic (YD) fare to this flights.


Setup complete, continue on test flight with bid/vmsacars


6. Bid flight (SAW-AYT)

7. Generate SimBrief OFP and check load route fuel etc. Export files as required

8. Start sim (X-Plane 11.50) , load the aircraft as per flight plan/bid

9. Run vmsAcars, search for my bid, select and load bid/flightplan, select aircraft (aircraft list shows the subfleet members as expected)


At this point things does not seem right 'cause vmsAcars pulls the fare definitions only from the subfleet I think and wants me to fill both pax figure fields.


Economy - Domestic (YD)     210 / 219  (210 was pre filled automatically)

Economy - International (YI) 210 / 219  (210 was pre filled automatically)


What I expect is to be able to assign multiple fares to a subfleet and use the ones defined in the flight, like in the real world. So it should check the fares of the subfleet and the flight, select only the matching ones. Here in our example it should be Economy - Domestic (YD) only.


Anyway, vmsAcars does not allow you to put 0 to any of the fare types, so I edited them and made Economy - Domestic 209 and Economy - International 1 (total 210) ... Started my flight, landed to my destination and send my pirep.


When I check the pirep details I saw that both fares was calculated with 210 pax ! So even editing the pax figures before starting flight does not solve things :(


I checked the GitHub issues page for similar reports but found nothing, as this may be a design feature thus I wanted to write here in detail.


Is this a bug ? Or was the fare/flight system designed this way ?


Will wait your replies

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Are you on the latest dev? There were some issues with this fixed recently. But I think what you're talking about I need to add a setting for, per-flight, which says this flight's fares shouldn't be merged, but as a replacement. So it's not a bug - at the moment, it's just "as designed". I don't think I opened an issue for this, but can you create one?

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Well, I am not sure about my dev version ... This is what I see on admin panel 7.0.0-dev+201102.a2de53 , downloaded last week I think.


So as far as I understand from your reply, system is designed this way (at least for now). To avoid any problems I can use only one Economy class fare and it will be same for domestic and international flights, which will not be realistic at all but at least it is a solution.


I will open a GitHub issue for this, also I will provide some screenshots of the problem later, maybe it helps more.


Thanks for your reply, best wishes

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Screenshots I talked about are attached ...


You can see the fare/subfleet/flight settings and the results at vmsAcars. Also another problem is the pax number mismatch, vmsAcars says I have 215 pax but the report indicates (and calculated finances with) 225 pax.




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@FatihKoz - If you are not sure which dev version you have, your first step is to check that yourself. Once you verify you are using the latest dev version and tested again, then come back here and post if experiencing further issues.

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I was not sure of the version/build because I downloaded the so called "latest" dev version directly from below page and link (as requested by @Nabeel at 4 Nov )




As you can see there is no build number there, the link only says that it is 7.0.0.dev ( http://downloads.phpvms.net/phpvms-7.0.0-dev.tar.gz ) . So my only clue at the moment is what I see in my v7 admin panel, which is clearly stated above in my post. ( In case you missed it , here it is again 7.0.0-dev+201102.a2de53 )


So if you have any suggestions about checking which dev build people are using kindly inform me, otherwise your reply is becoming useless :( @ProAvia


If there is a version mismatch should I download the file again from the same link or should I download the entire dev files from GitHub ?


Best wishes


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When the developer asks if you have the latest build, that usually means that he is suggesting you will require the latest build. If you visit the discord server... v7, development... you will see the latest build link, along with the build number. That is the best place to find the latest build. 


Up to you to compare your build number to the latest on the discord server. 

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Thanks for the directions, I never thought to check discord to be honest :) 


Checked now, I have the latest dev build (7.0.0-dev+201102.a2de53)


I reported this issues at GitHub too, will wait for a fix/reply.

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