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Select download folders for simbrieg flight plans


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Is there any possibility to make VMSacars download the flight plans on their custom routes?

Put a tab where you can select the routes of the different programs that are generated with simbrief and not have to go looking for the folder where to save it. It would be very comfortable

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I am using simBrief Downloader and it is pretty useful. You can export your SimBrief ofp route directly to your vmsAcars folder with it (if you need to), so it already supports vmsAcars ;)


When you load a flight from vmsAcars with Flight Searh or Bid functions and if there is a SimBrief OFP attached to that flight/bid, it gets loaded by vmsAcars automatically.


Safe flights

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I really don't understand what you mean here ...

  • You can download files from phpvms / SimBrief Briefing display page just seconds after you generate a flight plan
  • You can download multiple files by using SimBrief Downloader with full automation for your addon folders (with just one click)
  • vmsAcars is able to read the route (and other details) of a SimBrief flight plan when you load that flight from bids or search flight in vmsAcars.
  • vmsAcars is able to load the route of exported/downloaded files (by SimBrief Downloader)

Why do you still want or try to download something with vmsAcars from SimBrief's own website ?

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Yeah, not really sure what you're trying to do. vmsACARS doesn't download from Simbrief directly. Only a single simbrief gets stored by phpVMS - it's the "phpvms" format that's in the SB downloader. ACARS downloads that from your phpVMS directly, because they get deleted from the SB side pretty quickly.


A planned feature I have is that if you have ACARS open without a plan loaded, and you download the flightplan from the SB downloader, it will load the plan directly and try to find and load a bid, if it exists, from phpVMS automatically. But that'll be sometime in the future

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