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vmshost.io not working


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Can I suggest you submit a help ticket via the host.


The only time I had trouble was getting the IP blocked after several attempts to log in.  If you cannot ask Nabeel he will add your IP to his white list.




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Then something is wrong on your end. I and several others have no issue connecting to vmshost.io


Posting here asking for vmshost to do something isn't going to fix an issue on your end.


Have you tried clearing your browser cache or using a different browser? Press CTRL+F5


Have you turned off internet on your iPhone and used your data plan to access vmshost? This will cause your phone to pull a new/different IP address while on the data plan... this may help you figure out the issue.

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Follow the troubleshooting section in the link Nabeel provided above.


Try connecting from your phone using your data plan - not while connected to your normal internet provider.

Flush your DNS cache.

Contact your ISP support.

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