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xacars server implementation files


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Hello everyone.


I've purchased phpvmsacars and implemented it in my future VA. Since I would love to give to mac users on xplane the chance to subscribe and join my VA, I want to implement also xacars but it seems that the developer stop the project and the website xacars.net is down and no more mainteined. 


I have xacars client 2.5.6 from another VA but I miss server side implemetation files and readme/manual on how to do it.


Is there someone by chance that has those files and could eventually share them along with a readme on how to implement it? Or, is there another way to support also mac users?


Many thanks in andvance.



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Does it fully support latest phpvms v7 ? I think it should be the main question here.


If it is compatible, you may not need any server side (web) modules for it to work. This depends on how it is working of course, how it handles the va rules, requirements etc. But for reading bid/flight data and sending a pirep back to phpvms, it can just use API calls without needing a web module, so it can work.

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I've started working on the Mac plugin, that build is working, with a few other changes at least Mac users can use VMWare Fusion or something. I might try to make a guide - so they can mount the folder for scanning the scenery and then run it that way.

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