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I tried to add a mail address but no luck so far


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I did install PHPVMS 7 for a friend, which succeeded so far, yet the e-mail is not sending emails.
I guess that I did something wrong. And I wonder if I got the right file to change.


Which file do I need to change, so that PHPVMS can send mails to people etc.
And how can I enter the smtp if there is a portnumber including SSL?


I did look through the forums here, but I was not able to find my answer.

Thanks anyway.


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Guess what...? We have been looking with 2 people in the documentation and in the forums and could not find it. I am looking for half a year.
Now that you both said so surely that it must be in the documentation, and forums, I had decided to look into the documentation again.
And at first peek I did find it. Yet I could not locate the env.php. I had looked everywhere where during the last half year. And I had decided to make the changes in mail.php (that is what I see now.)
Now I can recall why I took the mail.php, because I had been searching lastly in the windows directory, where I had unpacked PHPVMS for a text of mail, and I did find it in there.

Today I do find env.php in the root, and somehow I have never been looking there. I guess.

I have been looking for the original download, in order to upload the original mail.php But I think I have deleted it, due to lack of space
I downloaded the latest DEV edition and upload the mail.php from there.
And hoped it is working. But it is not.

If I now try to reset my password, I see a 500 SERVER error.
That made me look into the webmail of the specific email account. Sending and receiving mail there does not work.
I will ask my host to help fix that issue, then we can see of it works from the website.

Thanks anyway, and I will talk back here.


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I backupped all from the old site.
Deleted the cache files from bootstrap and storage.
Uploaded everything and I get a 500 server error.
Both in the domain\update as in the domain part.


PHP Version 8.0.25
mysqlnd 8.0.25

BTW I downloaded the package from the phpvms site, and there where you read download DEV version.

Thanks ahead.


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Do you have anything important in your current setup (like pireps, flights, fleets, users etc)?


If not, please delete everything, including the database... Start over with latest dev build, follow the docs for install first and have a working v7. In your current state and from the messages you write above, it looks like either you are trying to use something really outdated with some data in it and not able to find env.php (because it is really not there -old version-) or you are really doing things in a weird way and mixing things up.


When you have a working installation of v7 latest dev, it will be much easier for us to help you, right now this looks impossible.


You can visit "yourdomain.com/update" even without having a folder called update, this is not something wrong or missing, this is how it is designed (routes, laravel logic, definitions etc) and it works when v7 is properly installed.


If you have data in your hands (like old pireps created with previous versions of v7, flights, fleets, users) then DO NOT delete the database, just create a new mysql database, delete only files from your server and start over with latest dev by using that new database. You can access your old data later if you really need them, or maybe you can switch to that database directly after installation. v7 will handle necessary database changes when you switch over.


Good luck and God speed, you will need both

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So there are 3 locations where you can download the zip files.
On the site itself and then section Download, under documents and then secion download, or via Discord.
The one direct from the server did not work. Perhaps due to the fact that it's build for PHP 7.4?
And the one on Discord and via the documents is build for PHP 8.x?

Event though I work in IT, I am not a developer. Yet I can find my way a bit around it But it is not easy. Please have some clemency with me. 😉


Explenation is really appreciated.


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Technically if you download the right file (the latest dev build) it will be the same, no matter where you download. All those links point you to the same content ;)


The problem was, highly probably, you had an old version like beta4 or beta3 or maybe an older dev build which was released after beta4 but before the env.php switch (like a year ago).


Beta3 and Beta4 was for php7.x

And some dev builds was for php7.4 only

Aprx a year ago maybe 8-9 months ago phpvms become php8 and up compatible only


So in short, always use latest dev build :) Forum really provides answers to most of possible problems you may have, considering that you are an IT guy, you know that a proper search is your friend ;) And following docs for getting help is also important, "help us to help you back" logic always works.


Glad you solved the problem, next step will be fixing the outgoing mails and for that hosting support (details about your server, ports etc) may be needed.


Have a nice night.

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By now the mailbox has been configured correctly. I guess that something was not correct configured at the host site.
I can sent en receive e-mail


Yet sending from PHPVMS is no success.
I did find this in the laravel logging:
VLM002=info@mailadres.com, error=Connection could not be established with host "ssl://smtp.bhosted.nl:465": stream_socket_client(): Unable to connect to ssl://smtp.bhosted.nl:465 (Connection refused)


This is what the documentation at bhosted tells us:
Server: smtp.bhosted.nl
Poort: 465
Protocol: SSL
Username: e-mail adres
Password: password of the e-mail adres


This is what I have configered at the env.php:
MAIL_PASSWORD=password of the mailaddress

Perhaps you have some advice for me?


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Great, most of the time they do not publish correct port info on web (if it is a public access area) and choose sharing the info directly or put it under your secure control panel etc.


Glad you solved the issue, if your cron setup is ok and working consider using it for outgoing mails/notifications too. It will increase application performance and eliminate SMTP authentication slowdowns.


Safe flights

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3 hours ago, DisposableHero said:


Glad you solved the issue, if your cron setup is ok and working consider using it for outgoing mails/notifications too. It will increase application performance and eliminate SMTP authentication slowdowns.


I have to dig into Cron. Perhaps next week or so.
Thanks for the heads-up

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