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Skins not working

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Hi, I am trying to get skins on my website but all I seem to be getting is white screens with writing. Even with the most basic to install like deep blue. 

I am using Phpvms 5.5.2. Can anyone help please? Much appreciated


below is the example of StislaSkin skin. I have tried clear blue also with the same results.


whej trying deep blue I was able to get other pages to work like pilots page but not the home page


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Using https I see what you posted above

Using http the page renders correctly.


Look in .../core/local.config.php file - first few lines. Is your site shown with http or https? Whatever it is, change to the other.

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You should be using https as many modern browsers won't load http without interaction of the user.

Does your site have a current SSL certificate?


Your local.config shows https


The page loads correctly using http

It doesn't load correctly using https


Is TFDI your host? If so, contact them for assistance.

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16 hours ago, swaluver480 said:

I dont think youre understanding, you need to buy the SSL certificate when you bought your domain name and then configure it. 

Most hosting offers it for free

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