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Someone to Setup phpVMS


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Start by reading thru the docs and installing on your host.


It's a lot of work starting a VA.

Take it one step at a time, research carefully.

It's not an install it today and open your VA tomorrow type of thing, even if someone else installs phpVMS for you.


If that's not something you're interested in, there are many estavlished VAs out there accepting new pilots.

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"Any recommendations ?"


Yes, please check the docs and inspect requirements, it will give you important clues about what you need/seek for at your hosting provider. Stay away from free hosting solutions, be sure you will get prompt support from your hosting, consider VPS (if your plans are big).


Do your homework, define your requirements first, make your decisions, act later with a plan. What to use, how to use, when to use etc... Do NOT try to buy something without checking first. Like you can not use v5 with a new hosting, likewise you can not use v5 supporting acars solutions with v7, or hosting services providing support for v2/v5 will not run v7 etc. etc.


And you can always use vmsHost for your hosting needs. At least you will always be sure about compatibility about stuff (phpVMS = vmsAcars = vmsHost)


Good luck

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I just set up a new virtual airline using PHPVMS V7 and I have taken the timetables from FS TRAFFIC , Plane WORLD TRAFFIC and AiG schedules and used them in a series of coding  modules converted and selected the data so tat I created the csv files to upload into PHPVMS so that every flight and every subfleet and aircraft have a match and thus in one upload I hade some 3500 schedules with a fleet of 169 aircraft over 5 subsidiary airlines .  

take a look at https://virtualairhygge.com  to see how a PHPVMS airline can look.


By the way I can offer to build some csv files for you for free and help with installation again for free as I do not wish to charge for helping others with the same hobby 

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Go through the docs step by step, it may seem gibberish but it will make sense. The simplest hosting you could go for is shared hosting, I wouldn't go any cheaper then that, be aware that if your VA becomes very successful you will need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server as successful VA's can cause the server you are on to run out of memory/bandwidth and your site will stop working. Be warned running a VPS server is not the easiest but you can get managed VPS so it is not too bad, you would preferably want to increase memory limit to around 500mb the default of 32mb is just too low in the long term. Most modules and themes for V7 are pretty much plug and play meaning you instal them and away you go with them. Your best bet is to try and start it with a friend or someone who knows coding even if it is basic coding. Some coding knowledge is required to run a VA

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